Sanya Yazhou Shuinan Kindergarten, China by SCAD

Sanya Yazhou most beautiful kindergarten

Jiangsu Meicun Senior High School Air Harbour Branch, China by SCAD

Floating Campus

1906 Young Town Technology Plaza by Atelier cnS + Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Co., Ltd. + CNH + Detail Design Studio

A technology plaza and more

Planning and archway design of the 2024 Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium Flower Market by SCUTAD

Green, Harmonious, Happy City

Changsha International Conference Center by SCAD

Recreate Xiao River and Xiang River, Recall Chinese Academy Heritage

Yanzi Memorial Hall by Architectural Design and Research Institution of SCUT Co.,LTD.

Spread the worship of Fengxian people to those sages.

Guangzhou Haixin Bridge by Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Co., Ltd.

The first pedestrian landscape bridge across the Pearl River in Guangzhou

The Slope Repair and Reinforcement Project on Both Sides of the Hundred Steps by South China University of Technology (Wushan Campus)/ First Institute of Environmental Art Design,Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT Co., Ltd.

”Stone Steps Forge the Path, Long Stairs in New Greenery”

A paradise – The First light Campus of the Second Primary School in Simao District, Pu’er City by Tao Zhi Studio

a place where diverse learning can be conducted with happiness

The southern branch of the Simao District Kindergarten by Tao Zhi Studio, Architectural Design and Research Institute of SCUT