Temporary public space for Malta Festival Poznań 2017 by Atelier Starzak Strebicki

The journey through the meanders of social and cultural meanings.

Project Specs


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每一年配合Malta文化节不同的活动主题,Poznań广场上的公共空间装饰风格都会有所不同,设计师的设计风格与文化节主题直接相关。在2017年“The Balkans Platform”主题中,广场设计以前南斯拉夫种族与政治的复杂性关系为绘本,描述了一场漫长又曲折的社会文化之旅。为了寻求更加契合这一主题的设计手法,设计师引用了《The Journal of Architecture》中一句令人印象深刻的话作为该空间设计的中心思想:“政策的抉择不仅影响了城市结构,建筑以及城市空间,还将对城市里的社会关系,认同感,归属感以及可持续发展方向产生深远影响。”(选自“建筑与冲突”引言部分。“向建筑与冲突学习”作者Brigitte Piquard,Mark Swenarton。The Journal of Architecture 16期第一篇)

Each year the layout of the square is different and refers to festival idioms. Different topics which are discussed during each festival edition help to invent new strategies for the layout of the space. In 2017 festival idiom “The Balkans Platform” was referring to the journey through the meanders of social and cultural meanings, in all their ethnic and political complexity, using countries of Former Yugoslavia as a kind of tracing paper. To find a proper spatial answer for this, we based our idea on a very interesting and fascinating quote from The Journal of Architecture: “The choices made will shape not just the urban fabric, buildings and spaces but also social relationships, collective identities, the sense of belonging and the opportunities to move towards a sustainable peace.” Architecture and conflict. Introduction. Learning from architecture and conflict – By Brigitte Piquard, Mark Swenarton ( The Journal of Architecture Volume16 Number1 )

▼文化节广场,the square where Malta Festival holds


Focusing on complexity of society, their choices and relation between urban fabric and the way it defines social relations we have created a wall/labyrinth like object. Using simple scaffolding structures, 370m of semi-transparent fabric and some plywood panels, we turned part of the square into a zone with different rooms, niches and nooks to be “inhabited” by the city users. To give people a bit of intimacy the labyrinth structure was closed by a wall, which became a place where people could express their different opinions and leave their own comment.

▼脚手架和透明织布围合的空间,simple scaffolding structures and semi-transparent fabric enclosed the space

▼开放空间与半私密空间的过渡辗转,the transformation of public and semi-private spaces

▼私密的小空间,more private space

▼边界围墙,the space is closed by a wall


Project: Temporary public space for Malta Festival Poznań 2017
Office: Atelier Starzak Strebicki
Location: Poznań, Poland
Year: 2016 – 2017
Program Generator: Malta – club, music podium, theater podium, workshops and leisure zones
Surface: 4.000m2
Photography: Mateusz Bieniaszczyk, Maciej Zakrzewski, Klaudyna Schubert

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