Ironhack 22@ by Mariana de Delás + Meta Studio

A connection of the whole working and study spaces.

Project Specs


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Ironhack 22@是位于巴塞罗那创新科技园区内的一家网络公司,该公司主营网站开发、UX和UI设计以及编码训练营。这一办公室项目包括三个办公或教学空间,以及一个集讲演、会面和自由工作的公共空间设计。此外,这一中央公共空间还兼具办公功能,拥有个人独处空间,员工活动区域和餐饮休闲区域。

Ironhack 22@ is the Barcelona headquarters for a Web Development &Ux/UI design coding bootcamp based in the 22@ technological innovation district of Barcelona. The program consisted of 3 clasrooms/working spaces and a central gathering space for presentations, free work and Meetups. As as support for the activity the space also includes an office, chill out areas, staff area and a dining leisure space.

▼开放办公环境,the open working space


It was decided to recuperate and old access to the site from the main street and connect it to the existing entry, through a semi-private courtyard, by means of an internal path in which all activities could be fed. This central spine connects all the classrooms and elevates itself by englobing the perimeter of the tiered seating to then lead back to the main entry and staff area.


▼曲折的步行道串联内部功能空间,the path connects the fictional spaces


As the activity of the space is targeted on attracting local and abroad young professionals to join the courses, the focus was to promote the character of Barcelona`s hustle and promotes its virtues as a relaxed, skating and sport beach city. Courses are intensive and thus students spend all day engaging with the space, making it necessary to have flexible options and areas. Open classrooms, chilled spots, big dining spaces, and small silent nooks are created to give the student a broad choice of working spaces depending on their specific needs.

▼地中海氛围,the Mediterranean style

▼各种形式的内部环境,different kinds of learning and working spaces

▼员工用餐区,dining space

Project Name: Ironhack 22@
Studio: Mariana de Delás + Meta Studio
Architects: Mariana de Delás + Elena del Pozo + Dimitri Davoise
Project Location: 22@ Barcelona – Spain
Year: 2016
Area: (m2) – 711m2
Photography: Aitor Estevez
Video: Lluis Carbonell
Builder: Totem Espacios comerciales 

More: Mariana de Delás + Meta Studio,更多关于:Mariana de Delás on goooodMeta Studio on gooood

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