Connect the authentic local cuisine with the city’s diverse culture

Project Specs


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起源 | Origin


▼沿着渔港和檀头山建起的房子,the house was built on the edge of the harbor and the “TanTou” hill

ShiPu , A seaside town in ningbo xiangshan. The sea is the only theme of life here. The house was built on the edge of the harbor and the “TanTou”hill ,Every balcony has a view of the returning fishing boats,The whole air of the town was filled with a mixture of smells, smells of fish, smells like salt and The smell of mud, Ana The smell of old streets! Mr. Wang, who grew up in“TanTou”hill, experienced several Michelin restaurants in Europe,He had an idea,He wants to share his hometown’s food with the world.Six delicious pieces of boneless croaker,Two handmade fish balls,150g handmade noodles,With pickles, bamboo shoots,And a side dish of bean curd, bamboo shoots and scallions chili,It’s a special way to eat noodles in“TanTou”hill , It is the delicious food that people in ShiPu yearn for all their lives!

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼沿街立面,street side elevation


概念 | Concept


▼店铺入口及橱窗,exterior view of the entrance

Stalls are an inherent form of Chinese street food,it hasn’t changed in decades,Has been far behind the current daily aesthetic and quality requirements.How to connect authentic local cuisine with urban daily life?And become part of the city’s diverse culture,This is an interesting proposition!Mr. Wang gathered the new Chinese designers and potters to build the first TTS yellow croaker noodle shop in “TanTou”hill ,his hometown of ShiPu , From the brand image, the building transformation, the interior design, the furniture, the implements all carried on the overall plan and the design,Translate small-town food into contemporary language to communicate with the world! The emergence of this shop is an important cultural event in the town’s history,The fashionable shops are in great contrast to the decaying streets of the fishing port,The neighborhood’s incomprehension and curiosity slowly spread, Become a typhoon as fierce as the event!

▼入口前厅,entrance area



项目 | Project



The building transformation and interior design were completed by JIANG JIE Design Studio . Different from local buildings , The relationship between white walls and red bricks and time can stand the test , Red brick succinct plain character to establish the street , people ,noodle shop between the trust , Eliminate the sense of distance caused by differentiation , Extend the ledge of the second floor window parallel , Break the original facade rules , The space visually forms an outspread sense of embedding. Throw away the illusion of complex ornate language , Intuitive facts are pure experiences , Simple and exquisite space design , Let the diners who enter the noodle shop feel the presence with a tangible authenticity , The relationship between diners and space is no longer transmitted through surface contact , Real, existence, thereby biochemical out of each diner’s world. Connect the simplest and most vivid daily life of small towns in China with Chinese new design force . The new things that come out of the two are perhaps the most valuable practice of TTS , It is also the best way to activate street food that contains infinite imagination and wisdom!

▼一层空间概览,interior overview

▼白墙和红砖与时间的关系经得起打磨,the relationship between white walls and red bricks

▼靠窗座位,window side seating area

▼颜色的碰撞,the contrast between colors


▼建筑远景,the building view from distance

▼室外座位,outdoor seating area

▼一层平面图,1F plan

项目名称:檀头山面馆 石浦总店


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