TABLEAU flower shop by Studio David Thulstrup

The ‘best flower shop in the world’ opens in Copenhagen

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在哥本哈根市中心建造于19世纪的Kongensgade商场建筑中,David Thulstrup工作室为TABLEAU打造了一间富有戏剧性的花店,使卖花成为一种艺术。TABLEAU的创办者是Julius Værnes Iversen,他与他的兄弟Magnus共同经营着哥本哈根备受欢迎的花店BB Blomster。“Julius希望凭借TABLEAU步入花卉销售的新阶段。它将成为全世界最好的花店:在以花卉为核心的同时拥有超酷的、激发灵感的空间。” 事务所创始人及项目负责人David Thulstrup如此说道,“Julius允许我们随心所欲地设计这一画廊般的空间及其内部的一切,包括用于展示花卉和艺术装置的平台、为盆栽植物准备的、与灯光装置融为一体的轻型爬架,以及空间顶部的氛围光源等。”


Studio David Thulstrup has turned flower selling into an art form, creating a theatrical and dramatic retail space for TABLEAU, a new store in a characteristic 19th century building on Store Kongensgade in the heart of Copenhagen. TABLEAU is the brainchild of Julius Værnes Iversen who runs Copenhagen’s popular BB Blomster flower stores with his brother Magnus. “With TABLEAU Julius wanted to take flower selling to the next level and open the best flower shop in the world where flowers are still the main game, but the space is super-cool and inspiring,” says David Thulstrup, principal and founder of the Copenhagen based design and architecture studio. Iversen gave Thulstrup a freehand to design the gallery-like interior and everything in it, including architectural podiums for displaying floral arrangements like art installations, a growth rack for pot plants that doubles as a light sculpture and atmospheric overhead lighting.



▼室内细部,interior detailed view


▼由6种不同的材料打造的6座花卉展示台,six podiums for displaying floral arrangements each made of one material




In keeping with TABLEAU’s theatrical brief, Thulstrup stripped back the walls and ceiling to expose raw concrete and bricks but retain old fabrics and textures showing traces of the space’s previous inhabitants.  “It’s called TABLEAU because Julius wanted us to create these striking groupings or scenes,” says Thulstrup. To that end he designed six podiums each made of one material – terrazzo blocks, grey glass sheets, transparent glass bricks, Bornholm stone, polished metal profiles and perforates metal sheets. They sit on a bright blue vinyl floor, which is a foil for their architectural shapes and the rawness of the walls. The floor is reflected in specially designed LED luminaires in a mirrored metal finish that appear to float on the ceiling. Custom-designed counters are made in galvanised metal.

▼材料细部,material detailed view

“一切皆关乎于材料本身的价值和意义。它们尽可能地保留了原始的形态,为花卉的展示提供了干净的框架。” 与花卉一样,这些展台和艺术品本身也可以出售,包括TABLEAU和雕塑家Poul Isbak合作设计的花瓶。

“It’s all about the monumentality in the materials which are made into geometric shapes with as little intervention as possible to keep a clean frame for the floral displays.” Like the flowers the podiums are for sale as are vases created by TABLEAU in collaboration with artists such as sculptor Poul Isbak.

▼装有反光金属表面的定制LED灯具如同漂浮在天花板上,the floor is reflected in specially designed LED luminaires in a mirrored metal finish that appear to float on the ceiling

▼纯粹的背景,a pure canvas for displaying

这一创造性的方案还满足了店主在后方空间展示盆栽植物的愿望。“它希望展示所有的盆栽植物,但在墙边放置架子未免过于无聊,因此我在一个特制的花架上加入了灯光雕塑” Thulstrup如此解释道。在白天,雕塑发出冷白色的光线,夜晚则会变成酷炫的粉紫色光,不仅有利于植物的生长,还为打烊中的花店增添了些许迪斯科氛围。

▼为盆栽植物准备的带有灯光雕塑的花架,a growth rack for pot plants that doubles as a light sculpture

Thulstrup devised a creative solution to Iversen’s practical desire to use the rear of the space to display pot plants. “He wanted to show all these pot plants but it’s so boring to have shelves on the wall so I did a light sculpture inside a bespoke rack,” says Thulstrup. During the day the light irradiates as a cool white while overnight it becomes an edgy pinky-purple growth light, which enables the plants to grow but also adds a sort of disco feel when the store is closed.

▼花架细部,detailed view

▼灯光雕塑在夜晚会发出粉紫色光,the sculpture irradiates an edgy pinky-purple light at night

LOCATION: Store Kongensgade 50, 1264 Copenhagen, Denmark
CLIENT: Tableau
PURPOSE: Selling flowers, vases, podiums and artworks
OPENING DATE: February 27, 2018
ARCHITECT: Studio David Thulstrup

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