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Cheltenham Station was one component of the Epping to Thornleigh Third Track (ETTT) project, one of four projects that makes up the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor (NSFC) Program. The NSFC Program is a joint Australian and NSW Government initiative to improve the capacity and reliability of freight trains between Strathfield and Broadmeadow, Newcastle. The ETTT project included the construction of six kilometres of new and upgraded track to separate northbound freight from all-stops passenger train movements along the steep incline between Epping and Thornleigh.

▼站台外观,exterior view


Platform access for northbound passengers was previously an on-grade from the adjacent street however the new freight line cut off that option. This resulted in the need for complete reconfiguration and refurbishment of the station, which remained in operation during construction.Our aspiration has been to respond sensitively to the unique character of the station site, and transform an outdated public facility into a contemporary, distinctive, inspiring and enjoyable experience for everyone who interacts with it.

▼富有当代气息的独特车站,a contemporary, distinctive, inspiring and enjoyable station

切尔滕纳姆站开设于1898年,主要是迫于家住车站附近的William Chorley的压力才建立的。Chorley通过在他所有的周边土地上设置盟约来遏制商业发展。因此,在悉尼的道路网中,切尔滕纳姆站可以说是独一无二的,因为在其周边没有城市枢纽,更甚的是,商店也没有。它的周边环境就只是遗产保护区内的被绿化和景观覆盖的郊区。

Cheltenham Station opened in 1898 and was established mainly due to pressure from William Chorley, whose home was located near the station. Chorley prevented commercial development near the station by placing covenants on the surrounding lands which he owned.As a result the station is almost unique in the Sydney network, in that not only is there no urban hub surrounding it, there are not even any shops nearby. Its context is a green and heavily landscaped suburban environment within a heritage and conservation area.

▼地面站厅,The new elevated concourse


Our approach has therefore been to achieve an appropriately scaled contemporary expression that celebrates an openness and engagement with nature, and creates a positive customer experience. This is achieved through an open concourse with views to the neighbourhood complementing the inherent character of the surrounding landscape. The station is as visually permeable as possible, and is expressed as a series of related smaller scale elements rather than one large structure.

▼站台檐蓬,walk under platform canopies



The new elevated concourse roof is designed to float as a free standing element, separated from the platform canopies. The improvement in views into and out of the entry concourse, and also out over the tracks and platforms below, improves the legibility of the station entry and also enhances safety and security through passive surveillance.Existing buildings at platform level have been retained where appropriate and aspects such as subtle differences in face brick colour in parts of these buildings express the story of the evolution of the station over time.



The platform canopy design is simple and modular allowing for an efficient structural solution, fast construction and a measure of pre-fabrication, which combined to maximise value for money and public transport benefit to the community. Cheltenham Station is now an exciting destination and an experience that will encourage rather than discourage public transport use.



▼站台剖面细节,detail section through platform canopy

Project size:1700 m2
Completion date:2016

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