Sun Inn, Shandong, China by OI Architects

Wonderful trip in a tribe of remote antiquity

Project Specs


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Sun Inn is located in Tiantai Mountain, one of the five major birthplaces of the sun culture in the world. It is the first high-end B&B project focusing on the “sun culture” and themed on the Twelve Constellations and the Twenty-four Solar Terms in Rizhao City, Shandong Province.

▼鸟瞰图,Aerial view ©章鱼见筑-章勇



project overall view


在研究大量关于太阳文化的资料后,决定用太阳(黄道)十二宫和十二星次去构筑太阳文明。《史记·太史公自序》中曾记载“夫阴阳四时、八位、十二度、二十四节各有教令。” 太阳运转为历法,自此形成了时间;太阳运转为四季,而有四时轮回,形成农耕文明;日月星辰的宇宙观,构建了社会的生生不息.

Situated in the north part of Tiantai Mountain, Sun Inn borders highways in the east and north. Its terrain is relatively steep in the west and gentle in the east. Inspired by the sun culture, the design team made the hotel a gigantic research project to showcase ancient Chinese view of the universe, and enabled this profound concept to be skillfully integrated into the vacation experience of tourists.

Upon thorough study of the sun culture, architects decided to reconstruct the sun civilization with elements drawn from the Twelve Constellations and the Twelve Zodiac Signs. According to Author’s Preface of Records of the Grand Historian, “yin and yang, as well as the four seasons, eight directions, Twelve Constellations and Twenty-four Solar Terms, all have their own operating law.” Based on their observations of the sun, our ancestors invented the calendar to record the time; The earth goes round the sun to form the four seasons, which then fostered the agricultural civilization; With people’s deepening understanding of the sun, moon and other celestial bodies, human society keeps evolving infinitely.

▼项目入口处,Entrance ©章鱼见筑-章勇



Architectural Layout

以大堂为核心,十二间圆形景观房与三十八间标准房在外侧成规则环形布局,内圈为套房,对应十二星次,外圈以标准房、楼梯间与入口,两两一组布局成24个连绵不断的小建筑,对应二十四节气,东侧开口作为建筑的主要入口。整个场地西高东低,设计保留了这一高差条件,保证从入口到客房依次抬高,互不遮挡。建筑依山就势,阶梯状分层三层,每层高差4.2 米,之间有电梯连接,沿山体起伏变化。

With the lobby as the core, 12 round-shaped scenery rooms and 38 standard guestrooms form a concentric circular layout, with suites that correspond to the Twelve Constellations distributed on the inner circle. The standard guestrooms, stairways and entrances on the outer circle, with two as a group, compose 24 interconnected small architectural complexes corresponding to the Twenty-four Solar Terms. The east gate is the main entrance to this group of buildings. The entire terrain declines from west to east, and architects used this topographical gap to ensure guestrooms gradually rise from the east entrance and make them unblocked by each other. The buildings are scattered on three tiers alongside the hillside, with each two having an elevation gap of 4.2 meters and linked by elevators. For this reason, they rise up and down with the rolling terrain.

▼依次抬高的客房,Gradually ascending guest rooms on the hillside ©章鱼见筑-章勇


Materials & Experience


Building and decoration materials mainly include stone, wall coatings, aluminum plates, and glass. The exterior walls are decorated with indigenous stone and rammed earth-like coating and thus have a primitive hue and diverse three-dimensional textures. In addition, the inside walls of the courtyard also use rammed earth-like coating, emphasizing the coherence of inner and outer spaces.

▼室外步道,Outdoor path ©章鱼见筑-章勇


Guests enter through the east gate and check in at the reception desk. Then, they may take a lift at the end of an underground corridor to reach the lobby, as if they were traveling in a time tunnel toward a long river of the ancient sun culture. From the lobby, one can get to guestrooms on different floors. On cloudless days, whether in the daytime or at night, guests can enjoy the sunlight or moonlight penetrating through the skylight on the roof, which forms a unique trajectory inside the room that can only be seen in the right season. Guests may feel like they were part of the constellation operating in the orbit and spent a wonderful night in a tribe of remote antiquity.

▼大堂,Lobby ©章鱼见筑-章勇


In such a room, guests can not only enjoy the beautiful view of the sky unique to this moment and season, but also feel the wonder of nature and the wisdom of ancient people. This is the answer for the integration between modern lifestyles and the ancient sun culture that we have long pursued.

▼景观房室内,Inside the scenery room ©章鱼见筑-章勇

▼屋顶采光天窗,Skylight on the roof ©章鱼见筑-章勇

▼总平图,Genera layout Plan ©圆直建筑

▼一层平面图,The layout plan of the first floor ©圆直建筑

▼二层平面图,The layout plan of the Second floor ©圆直建筑

▼三层平面图,The layout plan of the third floor ©圆直建筑

▼立面图,The elevation drawing ©圆直建筑

▼剖面图,The sectional drawing ©圆直建筑


Project Name: Sun Inn, Sun Culture Expo Park, Rizhao, Shandong
Project Location: Rizhao, Shandong
Proprietor: Shangdong Ocean Culture Tourism Development Co.,Ltd
Architectural Design Company: OI Architects (
Design Team: Qian Jian, Ni Yi Lin ,Yang Rui, Pan Sai Nan,RenMeiYue
Project Area: 65,00㎡
Project Duration: 2019-2020
Partners: ECADI (Construction drawing design), SH J.L.Lv Hua ( landscape design) , Hyee design (Interior design)
Photographer: ZY Architectural Photography (

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