Suarga Padang Padang Hotel

Suarga Padang Padang marries local tradition with modern sustainability in Bali.

Project Specs


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Sustainable Architecture

在风景优美的巴厘岛旅游胜地中心地带,栖身着几栋极具当地风情的建筑。在这里,屋顶茅草和翠竹这两种最具天然冷却效果的材料被应用于Suarga Padang Padang酒店的建造中,使整个度假酒店得以逃离热带小岛的炎酷气候,为来访者营造了舒适的旅居生活。该酒店以可持续建造方式为宗旨 ,大量使用回收木材,当地爪哇竹木,石灰岩砖,并雇佣松巴岛当地村民收集岛上天然的石材作为酒店建造材料。在水资源利用方面,酒店得益于屋顶雨水收集系统获得一百万升的回收水。而整个度假酒店则从太阳能电板中获得能量供给。

At the heart of the resort stands a towering and multi-layered roof that demonstrates true Balinese architectural craftsmanship. Alang alang and bamboo, the two naturally cooling materials utilised in Suarga Padang Padang’s construction, are used throughout the entire resort, ensuring rooms maintain a comfortable temperature despite the island’s tropical climate. With sustainability at its core, Suarga Padang Padang was predominantly built with recuperated wood, local Javanese bamboo, and locally made limestone bricks, while villagers on the island of Sumba were employed to collect the natural stone used in the resort’s construction. For ongoing water usage, Suarga harvests and recycles approximately one million litres of rainwater via flat rooftops, and the resort also produces more energy than its total consumption per day from solar panels.

▼酒店外观,exterior view

▼由茅草和竹子搭建的度假酒店,alang alang and bamboo are being used in Suarga Padang Padang’s construction

▼采用传统建造工艺,the traditional craftsmanship




Stretched across one and a half hectares, the hotel’s 36 rooms, pavilions, and villas combine contemporary architecture, modern technology, and Balinese craftsmanship for a series of spaces rich in comfort. Each accommodation features stunning views of the ocean, resort, or gardens, generously offering travelers an oasis of serenity. Local design elements are visible in every room, and include Indonesian collectibles, floor mats featuring traditional batik motifs, ornamental accessories made from seashells, and locally made rattan chests. Staying true to the resort’s sustainable practices, each dwelling is naturally cooled by the ocean breeze, facilitated by traditionally crafted vaulted ceilings and open-air structures. Selected rooms offer an air-conditioned bed system, which is more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning and provides fresher air for rejuvenating sleep.

▼客房套间,the suit

▼拱形天花板营造良好室内微气候,traditionally crafted vaulted ceilings helps to cooling down the temperature

▼享受户外美景,allow enjoying the views outside





Dugong Restaurant provides a fusion experience and presents locally grown ingredients that would be found in a traditional kitchen, restyled for a modern menu. Inspired by the natural surroundings of the resort, local ingredients, typically sourced within a 50-kilometre radius, allow for flexibility and innovation. The name Dugong is derived from the word ‘duyung’ or seacow, and represents a connection to the local area, which is a natural habitat for the endangered marine mammal. At the Lounge & Bar, a social dining experience is fostered with Southeast Asian dishes served as sharing plates from an all-day menu, including signature dishes such as crispy mango chicken and vegetarian broccoli edamame.

▼餐厅带来多重美食体验,provides a fusion experience

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