SSENSE New Flagship Store by David Chipperfield Architects

A physical store of the e-tailer that integrates culture, social and retail

Project Specs


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Founded in 2003, SSENSE is a Canadian online fashion platform and clothing e-tailer with a global presence. The company started online and decided to open a series of physical locations. The Montreal space serves as the pilot for the store concept designed in 2015. The resulting project sets new precedents in retailing. It is not a conventional shop, but rather a cultural, social and retail venue, manifesting in physical form the diverse nature of its digital foundation. Customers can experience the space, meet, try on and wear the goods that they have preselected online, and participate in cultural programming related to fashion and the arts.

▼旗舰店外立面,保留并翻修了原有的砖石外墙,exterior view of the flagship store, preserving and restoring the historic brick and stone façades ©️Dominik Hodel for SSENSE

该项目是一个改造项目,原址是一座建于19世纪中期的废弃建筑,位于蒙特利尔最古老的区域Vieux-Montréal的Rue Saint-Sulpice街上。建筑师保留并翻修了历史悠久的砖石外墙,将内部改造为了一座五层高的新建筑。这种处理提高了原建筑外壳的结构稳定性。将混凝土核心筒结构最小化,从而在每层楼创建两个主要房间,以便于为一系列策划的活动提供简单的场地。建筑底层设有双层通高的入口大堂,顶层则设有玻璃屋顶的咖啡厅。

The project involves the renovation of a derelict mid-nineteenth century building on the Rue Saint-Sulpice in Vieux-Montréal, the oldest district in Montreal. The historic brick and stone façades have been preserved and restored while a new five-storey building has been inserted within. This insertion provides structural stability for the old building shell. Minimising the structural elements, the concrete cores create two main rooms on each level that provide a simple space suitable for hosting a range of conceived programs. A double-height entrance lobby can be found on the ground floor and a glazed rooftop café on the top floor.

▼室内展示区,采用轻质的展示构件,由与室高同高的钢缆支撑,the interior display space with lightweight display elements, supported by floor-to-ceiling steel cables ©️Simon Menges


The new structure is made entirely of black sandblasted concrete, cast in-situ, and provides a permanent setting for the display elements that are conceived as lightweight structures supported by floor-to-ceiling steel cables. The latter can easily be installed and dismantled, communicating a sense of impermanence, in line with the concept of rapid change and evolving needs.

▼室内展示区,喷砂面混凝土与轻质展示构件和谐共处,the interior display space, the sandblasted concrete and lightweight display elements are in the harmony ©️Simon Menges

▼试衣区,喷砂面混凝土墙面与钢制隔板创造出一个简洁的空间,the interior fitting area, sandblasted concrete and steel panels create a simple space ©️Simon Menges

▼顶层的咖啡厅,设有玻璃屋顶,the glazed rooftop café on the top floor ©️Simon Menges

▼外立面细节,details of the exterior facade ©️Dominik Hodel for SSENSE

▼总平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼三层平面图,second floor plan

▼五层平面图,fourth floor plan

▼正立面图,frontal facade

▼侧立面图,lateral facade


Project start: 2015
Construction start: 2016
Completion date: 2018
Gross floor area: 1,270m2
Client: SSENSE, Les Investissements Atallah, Inc.
Architect: David Chipperfield Architects Milan
Principal: David Chipperfield
Design and Managing Director: Giuseppi Zampieri
Associate Director: Giuseppe Sirica
Project Architects: Pietro Bagnoli, Adolfo Berardozzi, Claudia Faust
Team: Corrado Bongiorno, Filippo Carcano, Francesca Carino,
Carlo Federico Cattò, Fabiano Cocozza, Paolo Dell’Elce, Anna Frigerio, Nicola Guercilena, Tsukasa Goto, Maris Kojuharov, Cristina Massocchi, Eugenio Matteazzi, Sofia Nobis, Filippo Serra, Letizia Somenzi, Pietro Torricini
Structural Engineer: Latéral
MEP Engineer and LEED Consultant: BPA, Bouthillette Parizeau Inc.
Acoustic Consultant: Acentech Inc.
Lighting Consultant: Artemide Spa.
General Contractor: Le Group Decarel Inc.
Concrete Supplier: Lafarge Holcim
Pre-cast concrete furniture Supplier: Il Cantiere Srl.
Leather Supplier: Cuciflex srl.
Metal works and Display System Supplier: Les Matrices Carritec Inc.
Photography: Simon Menges and Dominik Hodel for SSENSE

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