Spring Breeze Tented Hotel in Shili Town, China by Hangzhou Huanting Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

White spirits in the mountain

Project Specs


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Tent, is the inn of the traveller;A tent guest is a natural guest.Listen, insect chirp, bird trill, cicada noise, frog sound, wind blowing leaves…The yearning for returning to nature for travel has gradually made “wild luxury hotels” popular all over the world, among which “tent hotels” located in the mountains are one of the representatives. Zhuji · spring breeze tented hotel in shili town is simple and clean, standing between pines. It is composed of 17 tents, which are separated from each other by woods. It is private and quiet.Here, the tea garden landscape, romantic bamboo forest and exotic tent blend, let the guests in the landscape garden, birds and insects sing in the feeling of quiet, experience away from dust, embrace the natural way of life.

▼山野中的帐篷酒店外观,exterior view of the tented hotel in the mountains


With the design idea of “bamboo, mountain and tea” elements in series, with the theme of simple, warm, fresh and natural, the designer makes full use of the unique elements of the valley to create a space full of romance and wild luxury. The 17 tents, with their white domes and streamlined canvas roofs hanging from the middle, stand out in the green valley as if you were camping. Of course, as a foreign operation field hostel, and designers of the three kinds of door, bamboo monogatari (32.2 ㎡), blue-gray mountain (49.9 ㎡) and tea (108 ㎡) 4 excessive, as much as possible to meet different customer accommodation needs.Each of these tiny tents has a roof made of three layers of material, providing sound insulation and insulation.

▼酒店流线型的帆布屋顶与白色的穹顶外观,hotels with white domes and streamlined canvas roofs

▼三层材料构成的屋顶在山野中格外醒目,the roof made of three layers of material stands out in the green valley


▼大地色调的酒店以亮色、金属色点缀,hotel in earth color tone with bright colors and metallic embellishment

▼每个帐篷有整扇朝南的玻璃窗,能够获得最开阔的景观视野,the southern side of each of the hotel’s tents has full glass windows for maximum views of the landscape

The overall tone of the hotel is based on earth color, with bright colors, metallic embellishment, making the whole space lines are strong up.Furniture modelling is given priority to with concise, can highlight design style well already, can reveal individual character again.Lamps and lanterns ACTS the role of class act the role of with sedate give priority to, add a point bright color, let a space look won’t be too depressing. The southern side of each of the hotel’s tents also has full glass Windows for maximum views of the landscape.Inside 17 tents, each has its own taste, unique color, furniture, decoration collocation, in the sunlight, shaping a different house temperature, appropriate.

▼酒店露台,terrace of the hotel


The hotel also pays great attention to the ecological and romantic construction, so that you can enjoy the wilderness, watch the mountain sunset and sunrise, and enjoy the super five-star material pleasure.The warm and moist wooden floor, coupled with the simple and refined soft assembly, conveys the designer’s perception of art and “luxury and wild”.The woodiness furniture of guileless applies among them, that kind is born in wild, the state that be satisfied with a room, it lives ceaselessly continuously, it is another kind of life style.

▼内部空间重视生态与浪漫的营造,the interior pays great attention to the ecological and romantic construction

▼空间运用了朴实的木质家具,the woodiness furniture of guileless applies among them



Early morning, white curtain is blown by wind gently flutter, open a curtain, gentle breeze is brushed from the face, the air inside house also becomes pure and fresh happy person, everything is so quiet again. A white tent among the mountains, like a spirit among the trees.As night falls, the magic of night is just beginning here!

▼酒店夜景,night view of the hotel

▼用餐区平面,plan of dinning space

▼客房平面,plan of the guest room

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018.1
室内设计师:胡旭津 张云云 杨旭


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