speaker vase collection by suomudesign

Exquisite knobs and fun

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感谢 所目设计 对gooood的分享。
Appreciation towards suomudesign for providing the following description:


Everyone is like a radio station, conveying their emotions and stories to the outside world and longing for others to listen to them.




由创意工作室SUOMU DESIGN设计与出品,speaker花器系列灵感来源于扬声器的造型,使用多层注浆工艺的拼色陶瓷制作,表面的磨砂质感呈现着柔和的光泽。精妙的旋钮和几何造型,充满趣味性,它是使用者与外界的连接。

Design and produced by creative studio SUOMU DESIGN in 2020,the design of Speaker vase collection is inspired by profile of loudspeaker ,it is made of colored porcelain by double layered casting, it has a soft luster with a matte texture on the surface. With its delicate knobs and geometric modeling, it serves as an interesting connecting channel between users and the outside world.





Size:L84W80H130mm, L105W105H80mm
color:White/Klein blue, Black/Saffron
Material:Colored Porcelain
Craft:Double layered slip casting, Water-cutting surface


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