Studio Schicketanz Embraces the California Coast

Using the natural beauty of coastal areas as a source of inspiration

Project Specs

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作为中部海岸领先的建筑和室内设计公司之一,Studio Schicketanz因其对景观的敏锐嗅觉、可持续的建筑技术以及精致而舒适的室内设计而备受追捧。

As one of the Central Coast’s leading architecture and interior design firms, Studio Schicketanz is sought after for its sensitive approach to the landscape, sustainable architecture techniques, and sophisticated yet comfortable interiors.

SCENIC DRIVE住宅概览,overview of SCENIC DRIVE House © Studio Schicketanz

自创始人Mary Ann Schicketanz30多年前首次从奥地利来到中部海岸时,AIA、Carmel以及周边的Big Sur和Monterey地区便成为了她无尽的灵感源泉。这促使了她对景观、建筑材料和形式以及自然之间的关系进行长期研究。Schicketanz将沿海地带的自然之美看作她的灵感来源:从柏树、沙丘草到无处不在的海洋,所有这些都定义了她标志性的色彩搭配和选材。


For founder Mary Ann Schicketanz, AIA, Carmel, and the surrounding Big Sur and Monterey region, has been a source of endless inspiration since she first arrived from Austria more than 30 years ago. It has led to a career-long investigation into the relationship between landscape, building materials, form, and nature. She considers the natural beauty of the coastal region a muse—everything from its Cypress trees and dune grasses to the ever-present ocean—all of which define her signature palettes and materials.

“In our work, we seek to do justice to the land, our clients, and our own architectural ambitions,” says Schicketanz. The firm brings this ethos to its wide-ranging portfolio, no matter a project’s location. To date, their California work spans the entire coastline—from Laguna Beach to northern Marin—and they have also completed projects across the Western United States, everywhere from Hawaii to Texas, and Europe.

▼眺望海湾,overlook the bay © Studio Schicketanz



Studio Schicketanz在不增加建筑面积的情况下,为一位长期以来醉心于该地自然美景的客户重建了整个住宅的临海面。梯田式的屋顶设计最大限度地拓展了住户的视野,在住宅的南半部分有一间与生态屋顶相邻的主卧套房。遍布两层空间的棚架既为室内过滤了光线,又自然地装点了建筑立面。在住宅内部,精致的白橡木地板和精心挑选的当地石材反映了住宅的柔和基调。Christopher Peacock式厨房和由实心大理石块雕刻而成的定制大理石,进一步奠定了开放式空间的优雅气质。

SCENIC DRIVE – Studio Schicketanz rebuilt the entire ocean frontage of this residence without increasing square footage for a client with a longstanding passion for the region’s natural beauty. By creating a terraced roof design to maximize views, the southern half of the residence now accommodates a master suite adjacent to a living, green roof. On both levels, the design’s prominent trellises filter light while giving foreground to the architecture. Inside, the home’s soft palettes are reflected in the delicate white oak floors and locally sourced stone that was hand-selected for the in-home, pizza oven. A Christopher Peacock kitchen and custom marble pieces, carved from a solid marble block, further ground the elegance of the open-plan space.

▼坐拥辽阔海景的用餐空间,dining space with a vast sea view © Studio Schicketanz

▼客厅,living room © Studio Schicketanz

▼厨房,kitchen © Studio Schicketanz



Studio Schicketanz围绕中央裸露的山丘来组织了这栋住宅的设计。通过对结构与特定生态融合的方式进行深入探索,团队决定优先考虑室外空间的构建。富有纹理感的石墙位于水泥台阶一侧,构成了一个简洁的现代主义结构。细致的几何框架和悬臂式屋顶形成了一个包裹着整个玻璃结构的荫蔽式棚架。无论是打在石墙上的斑驳光线,还是顺着宽阔玻璃外墙反射出的邻院树影,阳光总是无处不在。

▼项目概览,overview © Studio Schicketanz

TEHAMA 1 – Studio Schicketanz organized the design of this house around a central cleared knoll, prioritizing outdoor space with a deep exploration for the ways a structure can merge with a specific ecology. Textured stone walls give rise to controlled cement steps that lead to a crisply modernist structure. Detailed geometric framing and a cantilevered roof create a shaded trellis that wraps the structure. Light is at play everywhere, from the dappled light that hits the stone walls to the reflection of the majestic neighboring tree along the house’s expansive glass façade.

▼户外休闲区域,outdoor recreation area © Studio Schicketanz

▼起居空间,living space © Studio Schicketanz

▼厨房,kitchen © Studio Schicketanz

▼书房,study © Studio Schicketanz



这座净零能耗住宅位于克林特·伊斯特伍德梦寐以求的Carmel Valley Tehama社区内,其所处的平坦土地、房屋的可持续性及建筑的力量都让项目团队倍感欣慰。项目原址是位于混交林边缘且带有一棵标志性橡树的平缓草坪。业主在选择当代性设计的同时,也希望兼顾小镇传统农业建筑的风格,享受温暖气候带来的室内外生活方式。在参考并致意当地特色的基础上,设计师选择了简单的形式,并以当地石材、传统木板、毛毡壁板以及金属屋顶作为主要的材料元素。

▼住宅鸟瞰,aerial view © Studio Schicketanz

▼宽敞的室外露台,spacious outdoor terrace © Studio Schicketanz

▼半露天凉廊,semi-open-air loggia © Studio Schicketanz

TEHAMA 2 – Located in Clint Eastwood’s coveted Carmel Valley Tehama community, this net zero residence celebrates the land, sustainability and the power of architecture to make us feel safe. The virgin site was a gentle sloping meadow, located at the edge of a mixed forest that features a signature — and compelling — oak tree. While fundamentally wanting a contemporary design, the clients loved the traditional agricultural architecture of the Valley, as well as the indoor/outdoor lifestyle the region’s warm climate allows. In reference and homage to the local vernacular, Studio Schicketanz used simple shapes made of local stone, traditional board and batt siding, and metal roofing.

▼起居空间,living space © Studio Schicketanz



这座令人惊艳的卡梅尔高地现代住宅可以俯瞰蒙特利湾和北面的罗伯斯角。该住宅占地6414平方英尺,由石头和裸露的木材构成。它仿佛静静依偎在山间,给人一种淳厚朴实的感觉。Studio Schicketanz在当地生物学家和园艺师的帮助下,在每个裸露的屋顶平台都种植了密集的植物,以从俯瞰的视角缓和住宅对环境的视觉影响。在室内,拥有一系列精致房间的主要生活区域采用了开放式的平面设计。落地玻璃门通向一个可欣赏到壮观的海景的大型天井。

LOBOS VIEWS – This stunningly modern Carmel Highlands residence overlooks the Monterey Bay and Point Lobos to the north. The 6,414 square foot home is constructed of stone and exposed wood, giving it an earthy feel as well as the effect of being nestled into the hillside. Studio Schicketanz mitigated the visual impact of the home from above by densely planting each of the exposed roof decks with the help of a local biologist and horticulturist. Once inside, the main living space features a sophisticated series of rooms with an open floor plan. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto a large patio that takes advantage of the spectacular ocean views.

▼带无边泳池的屋顶露台,roof terrace with infinity pool © Studio Schicketanz

▼从起居空间看向户外露台,view from the living area to outdoor terrace © Studio Schicketanz

▼卧室,bedroom © Studio Schicketanz

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