SoHo Loft by Ghislaine Viñas

An apartment of Alice in Wonderland

Project Specs

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项目位于纽约曼哈顿苏豪区(SoHo)中心,是一栋面积为2,700平方英尺(约250平方米)的Loft式公寓。高高的天花板,大面积的开窗以及横梁,使项目充满经典建筑风格。对Ghislaine Viñas而言,这栋公寓宛如一张完美的空白画布,等待着设计的自由创作。项目之初,业主已经挑选好厨房、浴室的设备,以及墙面地面等饰面材料,除此之外,Ghislaine Viñas将对室内所有空间进行设计。

This 2,700 sq. ft. loft in the heart of SoHo is full of classic architectural features (high ceilings, large windows, beams) and was the perfect blank canvas. When Ghislaine Viñas was approached by the clients to create the interiors, all of the architecture including the kitchen, bathrooms, and all architectural finishes had already been selected.

▼室内概览,overall of the project © Mick Hales


The large open space at the front of the loft consists of a TV Area, Sitting Area, Dining Area, and Kitchen. The hallway off the kitchen leads to the private spaces: Master Suite, Guest Bedroom, Children’s Bedroom, and Playroom. The more public living/dining areas are designated by shaped rugs and distinct furniture layouts to section off the open space. The private rooms in the back of the loft are much quieter and calmer, in contrast to the energetic and bright front space.

▼公寓前部设有大面积的开放空间, large open space at the front of the loft © Mick Hales

▼开放空间细部,details of the large open space at the front of the loft © Mick Hales


The Sitting Area is perfect for entertaining and conversing but still comfortable for the family to relax in. Bright yellow chairs excite the space and create a delightful awkward contrast to the client’s existing brown leather chair. A custom over-dyed vintage rug was given a positively contemporary twist by rounding the corners and creating a cut out around the exposed architectural column, and is finished with meticulous hand-sewn seaming. A bookcase, another custom piece, sits at the back of the sofa to section off the TV area from the Sitting Area, just a few steps over.

▼休息区- 明亮的黄色座椅成为空间中的亮点,Sitting Area – Bright yellow chairs excite the space © Mick Hales

▼分隔休息区与电视区的艺术品与定制书架,separating the sitting area from the TV area with artwork and custom bookshelves © Mick Hales


In the kitchen, hanging above the colossal central island, is a Ghislaine Viñas custom designed nickel chandelier with twenty-seven glass globes.

▼由厨房看休息区,viewing the sitting area from the kitchen © Mick Hales

室内家具中的一部分由业主亲自挑选,Ghislaine Viñas工作室则按照业主的喜好,将这些家具与其他家具组合起来。开放空间内设置了多种不同的座椅,与电视区一起,组成了开敞舒适的家庭休闲空间。电视区内,沙发和带有储物功能的定制茶几安静地摆放在灰奶油色网格毛绒地毯上,这张地毯也是由工作室设计定做的。

The clients already owned a couple furniture pieces, so Ghislaine Viñas and her team set ahead ready to incorporate pieces they already loved. A comfy area of the loft space was carved out to create a family TV area, and as a result, the open space is laid out with many seating options. In the TV Area, the sofa and custom coffee table with storage sit atop a plush, custom designed grey and cream gridded rug.

▼电视区的沙发与置物架,Sofa and shelf in the TV area © Mick Hales

对于主卧套房,Ghislaine Vinas工作室采取了更为柔和的设计手法,用自然中性的室内风格为主卧营造出宁静之美。房间内充满柔软的质感。设计师为主卧特别定制了带有棱纹饰面的长条形电视柜。此外,还有配有两张业主原有的座椅,座椅上覆盖有奶油色的羊毛皮。

The beauty of the master bedroom is all about its tranquility, and Ghislaine Viñas and her team used a softer hand with the treatment of the master suite. Full of soft textures, the all neutral room features a long, custom designed dresser with ribbed fronts and two of the clients’ existing chairs reupholstered in a creamy sheepskin.

▼主卧套房,the master bedroom © Mick Hales

▼主卧细部,detail of the master bedroom © Mick Hales

在得知业主对《爱丽丝梦游仙境》(Lewis Carroll著)的痴迷后,Ghislaine Viñas专门在走廊的尽头装裱了一幅巨大的,由《爱丽丝梦游仙境》绘本作者Sir John Tenniel绘制的插画。插画上描绘了爱丽丝望着白兔从一条黑暗的通道中逃走的场景。这幅插图之所以特意挂在这里,是为了给人以走廊可以永远延伸下去的感觉。儿童卧室的墙壁上铺着浅蓝色壁纸,上面有锁和钥匙的图案,这是对《爱丽丝梦游仙境》的又一次巧妙的致敬。房间的梳妆台、座椅和灯具都是纯黑色的,给房间带来了恰到好处的边界感。

Once Ghislaine Viñas and her team understood the clients’ obsession with Alice in Wonderland they went about specially creating an oversized framed print of an illustration by Sir John Tenniel, the original artist behind Lewis Carroll’s famous book. Hanging at the end of the hallway, the illustration depicts an oversize Alice watching the White Rabbit run away down a dark passage. The illustration is hung purposefully in this spot as a way to make it feel as if the hallway could go on forever. The walls of the Children’s Bedroom are covered in a pale blue wallpaper patterned with locks and keys, another subtle nod to Alice in Wonderland. The rooms’ dresser, chair, and light fixture are all finished in true black, giving the room just the right amount of edge.

▼儿童房,children’s bedroom © Mick Hales

▼走廊尽头的《爱丽丝梦游仙境》插画,the illustration of Alice in Wonderland at the end of the corridor © Mick Hales

▼卫生间,the restroom © Mick Hales

▼家具细部,details of the furniture © Mick Hales

Project size:2700 ft2
Completion date:2020
Building levels:1

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