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Peckham餐厅的情侣主理人Amy Corbin和Patrick William最近又在皇后大街的拱桥下开了一家名为Smokey Kudu的别致鸡尾酒吧。新店的菜单包括15种具有南非风情的鸡尾酒、如干肉条等特色小吃和具有异国情调的优质酒饮。这一次,他们依然选择了长期合作的A-nrd工作室来负责酒吧的室内设计。

Amy Corbin and Patrick Williams – the couple behind hit Peckham restaurant Kudu – opens a chic cocktail bar under the arches by Queens Road station called Smokey Kudu. Their menu includes 15 different cocktails with subtle South African influences, a few snacks such as biltong, and premium exotic liquors.  Long time collaborator A-nrd studio has curated the interior design of the venue.

▼酒吧概览,overview © Claire Menary

Smokey Kudu内部隐秘而极具质感, 座位环绕在中央马蹄形吧台和通高的酒柜周围。带黑色橡木框的矩形镜子装点着四周的墙面。酒吧的设计灵感源于19世纪早期欧洲的火车站咖啡馆。其特色是通高的黄铜玻璃陈列柜和带扇贝形边缘的意大利玫瑰石吧台。

▼拱形空间下的高挑吧台,high bar under the arch © Claire Menar

Sleek and intimate, Smokey Kudu revolves around a central horseshoe bar with a sky-high back bar set against an arched mirror geometrically framed with dark oak wood. The bar design draws inspiration from early 19th-century continental train station cafes featuring a brass over-head with glistering glass display and an Italian rose stone countertop with scallop edge in contrasting marbles.

▼酒柜细部,wine cabinet details © Claire Menary

▼酒杯及玻璃吊灯局部,wine cup and glass droplight © Claire Menary

▼吧台周围的座位细部,details of the seats around the bar © Claire Menary


green velvet compartments and deep maroon marble table tops © Claire Menary

▼桌面和菜单细部,details of the table and menu © Claire Menary

Green velvet booths with deep burgundy marble-topped tables are set against burnt umber walls humbly showing the textures of old bricks and arched metal structures. Low tinted mirrors and hand-glazed tiles in a diamond configuration are adding a sparkle to the cosy seating area. To complete the look an almost 2-metre high Murano glass chandelier, hand sourced in the Venice region is hanging in the centre of the arch glaring a warm light to the venue.

▼酒饮及桌面细部,wine and table details © Claire Menary

▼灯具细部,lighting details © Claire Menary

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