Strategic Refurbishment at Surrey Docks Farm by Pup Architects

Opening up the riverside with new public realm

Project Specs

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在罗瑟希德的Surrey Docks城市农场,Pup Architects完成了一系列教育和办公建筑的翻新和扩建。除了对250平方米的既有设施进行升级和扩建,该项目还新增了320平方米的公共区域,并策略性地将其敞开于泰晤士河岸,从而加强了场地与泰晤士小径的连通性。

Pup Architects has completed an refurbishment and extension of a number of educational and office buildings for a city farm in Rotherhithe. As well as upgrading and expanding 250m2 of existing facilities, the project strategically opens up the riverside with 320㎡ of new public realm, enhancing access and connectivity from the Thames Path.

▼项目概览,overall view ©Simone Bossi 

项目的关键部分是翻新自十几年前的大火以来便一直空置的三层建筑,为农场赋予新的城市面貌。 扩建的新空间包括教学厨房、会议室、办公室、洗手间、多功能河景房间以及一间以玻璃围合、面向开阔河岸的“温室”。项目并未对建筑进行彻底的拆除和重建,而是采取了一系列谨慎的干预和补充措施。景观配置促使既有建筑敞开于河岸,同时为农场创造了户外休闲空间和新的“前门”。

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan ©Pup Architects

Crucial to the project is the reinstatement of a three-storey tower, empty since a major fire over a decade ago, which presents a new civic face for the farm. Key new spaces include a teaching kitchen, meeting rooms, offices, a toilet block, multi-use River Room and a glazed ‘orangery’ opening up the building to the expansive river views. Rather than wholescale demolition and rebuilding, a series of careful interventions and additions were proposed. The reconfiguration of the landscaping serves to expose the existing buildings to the river, whilst creating outdoor leisure space and new ‘front door’ to the farm.

the new volume and the existing three-storey tower ©Simone Bossi 

the ‘orangery’ opens up the building to the expansive river views ©Simone Bossi 


▼新增的玻璃结构,the new, glazed orangery ©Simone Bossi 

▼朝向河岸的视野,view to the river ©Simone Bossi 

The presence of a new, glazed orangery on the riverside is central in the reorientation of buildings towards the Thames. Conceived as a partly indoor, partly outdoor space, it facilitates the farm’s educational activities. Almost doubling the teaching spaces of the ground floor it can either be used as a spacious foyer for the River Room or as a classroom in itself. This opens up the existing spaces towards the river and creates a strong connection to the outdoors through an expressive and warm structure. Constructed from douglas fir timber, it is structurally braced in the roof, which resting on only four 10cm square columns allows uninterrupted views.

▼玻璃房内部,orangery interior view ©Simone Bossi 


The choice of materials aims to carefully mediate between existing and new architecture whilst creating light and fresh spaces. Reflecting the hybrid agricultural, educational and social function of the farm, simple robust materials are left in their natural state: galvanised steel, zinc, aluminium, concrete, pine and Douglas Fir.

▼洗手间区域,toilet block ©Simone Bossi 

▼既有建筑的室内空间,room detailed view of the existing building ©Simone Bossi 

▼河景房间,River Room ©Simone Bossi 


The buildings are clad in black, rough-sawn vertical board-on-board timber, broken by horizontal bands as it moves upwards. While the front board is a regular 52mm width, the rear board increases in size moving up the tower. This variation creates a subtle opening-up of the facade towards the top of the tower, catching the light and creating a rich texture of shadow pattern that changes throughout the day.

the rough-sawn timber increases in size moving up the tower ©Simone Bossi 

▼楼顶的金猪风向标,the golden pig weathervane atop the roof ©Greens Vanes


A ‘fabric first’ approach to sustainability has been integrated into the construction from the start, increasing the thermal performance of the existing building whilst minimising embodied carbon. The project included re-cladding and insulating externally with high performance windows and doors throughout. Existing materials from the landscaping, such as brick and granite have been reused; the foundations were engineered to minimise the use of concrete and end of life re-use was considered as much as possible to avoid plastics and complex compound products. A 5000ltr water tank incorporated into the landscaping collects rainwater from rooftops, to be used for the toilets and irrigation on-site.

▼建筑选用带有隔热层的外部饰面和高性能的门窗, ©Simone Bossi 
the project included re-cladding and insulating externally with high performance windows and doors throughout

▼建筑远景,a distant view ©Simone Bossi 

▼二层平面图,first floor plan ©Pup Architects

▼立面图,elevation ©Pup Architects

▼剖面图,section ©Pup Architects

Project Information
Date of completion: February 2020

Architect: Pup Architects
Contractor: John Perkins Projects
Structural engineer: Structure Workshop
Client: Surrey Docks Farm
Location: Rotherhithe, London
Project value: £860,000

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