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Fairy tale world for adults

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The project is located in a village near Disney in Pudong, Shanghai, it is a branch of the Sleeping Lab B&B. The client commissioned Atelier d’More to transform a rural residential house into a boutique B&B with 10 rooms

▼室内空间概览,view of the interior space ©林山


We believe that there is a fairy tale dream in the heart of every adult coming to Disney, so we intend to create a fairy tale space for adults, warm, pure, different from the outside world, so that people can temporarily forget where they are, which may be the fairy tale world for adults. The project consists of a three-storey building with two bungalows and a large courtyard, with a total construction area of 450㎡, which was originally used as residential buildings. The first floor is the living room, kitchen and one bedroom, each of the second and third floor has four rooms, one hall and two bathrooms. We retained the original layout of the first floor and converted the second and third floors into nine guest rooms with private bathrooms.

▼成年人的童话空间,fairy tale world for adults ©林山


The first floor of the B&B is a reception hall. In the early stage of this project, we asked the construction team to demolish the decoration of the house to restore the original appearance of the space. The moment the original plasterboard ceiling was removed and the concrete floor of the building itself revealed, we decided that the top didn’t need any more decoration. The exposed concrete ceiling and warm wooden furniture give a mild, rustic and original flavor. The welcoming shoe rack at the entrance, the display shelf in the lounge area and the bar in the dining area are selected in a semi-permeable material, and the space becomes lighter as light passes through them. The assembly nodes for the shoe rack and display rack are designed and customized by the designer who is involved in everything from drawing to assembling, which not only helped the owner to reduce the cost, but also completed an interesting design practice.

▼入口换鞋区,shoe changing area ©林山

▼接待大厅,reception lobby ©林山

▼休闲娱乐区,recreation area ©林山

▼服务台,reception ©林山

▼休息区,sitting area ©林山

▼置物架细部,details of the shelves ©林山


The second floor and the third floor are guest rooms. We made different designs for different rooms, break the normal layout. There are high and low blocks in one room, and curved ceiling in another room, it is made to shelter the pipes that water and electricity pass through. On the other hand, it is also designed to infuse the architectural sense into the interior, creating a small world in each room. Entering different rooms is like entering a different fairy tale, and the protagonist of the story will be each guest who stays.

▼三层带阳台的套房,suit room with balcony on the third floor ©林山

▼坡屋顶隐藏管线,sloping ceiling hiding the pipes ©林山

▼二层双卧室套房,suite with two bedrooms on the second floor ©林山

▼不同的房间营造不同的童话世界,different rooms creating different fairy tale world ©林山


On the basis of reducing the cost, this project carried out an in-depth study on the use of materials and construction methods, and completed a low-cost construction practice. We prefer to create a plain space rather than a palatial space, so that people can let go of their sense of defense and naturally experience and feel it in the space.

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©多么工作室

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©多么工作室

▼三层平面图,third floor plan ©多么工作室


Project Name: Sleeping lab B&B, Shanghai
Design: Atelier d’More
Contact e-mail:
Design & Completion Year: APR 2020
Leader Designer & Team: Wei Wang, Le Sheng
Project Location: Shanghai, China
Gross Built Area: 450㎡
Photo Credits: Linshan Film
Clients: Sleeping lab
Materials: plywood, polycarbonate sheet, plaster, latex paint, concrete

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