Dénia Tennis Club Restaurant, Alicante by Wanna

Natural, Warm and Simple

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What is it that you desire the most after a long intense Tennis or Pádel (ns como se dice) match? To refresh yourself, lower your heart rate while talking about everything that happened during the match; in a place that welcomes you to relax and in which you feel like at home. A place like the new Denia Tennis club restaurant, designed by Wanna. The creative, strategic, multidisciplinary and independent studio Wanna has worked intensively on both the user experience and interior design to remove the foundations of the old restaurant of the Dénia tennis club and turn it into the new meeting space for club members and for the general public that visits it.

▼餐厅概览,overview of the dining area ©Wanna

在这个由Eduardo Artal领导的室内设计项目中,Wanna的策略旨在达成三个愿景。第一,扩大空间,为顾客提供更好的服务;第二,为顾客带来多样化的丰富体验;第三,让酒吧空间变成一年中都十分受欢迎的场所。为此,设计师拓宽了餐厅的视野,引入充足的自然光线,并赋予空间更多功能以满足不同私人活动的需求。

Wanna has built the strategic interior design project of the restaurant, currently under Eduardo Artal’s management, on three fundamental pillars: gaining space to provide better service to customers; offer diverse consumer experiences and transform the bar into a place where you want to be at any time of the year. For this, it has worked to give the dining room greater visibility, gain natural light and provide the space with more functionality so that it can be privatized for events.

▼室内轴测,axonometric drawing ©Wanna

Wanna的设计干净、自然、简单,没有多余的装饰,为植物留出了空间。室内色彩不仅来源于周边Montgó自然公园的景观,也源于室内装饰的黏土材质。黏土作为网球运动的标志元素,在餐厅中大面积使用,衬托出主导室内的蓝色与红棕色。此外,浴室采用陶土材质,营造出整体感与沉浸感Wanna秉承对西班牙设计的信任,首推本地制造,选用了Ondarreta、Andreu World以及BPM等品牌的材料和家具。

The designed space is clean, natural and simple. The study fled from ornaments and excessive decoration to give a way to vegetation. The color range draws on the surrounding landscape, the Montgó natural park, and an iconic element of tennis: clay. That is why blues and camel predominate in the main spaces, and terracotta, which turns the bathrooms into immersive spaces. True to its philosophy of betting on Spanish design and, if possible, local, Wanna has selected materials and furniture from brands such as Ondarreta, Andreu World or BPM.

▼休息区概览,overview of the rest area ©Wanna

▼简洁的空间点缀以绿色植物,clean space give a way to vegetation ©Wanna

▼色彩来源于不同元素,color coming from different elements ©Wanna


The result is an authentic space in which an atmosphere of calm and  tranquility is generated, in the midst of the hustle and bustle (Me salía esa la traducción y me ha hehco gracia)  of the sports world, ideal for each person to enjoy a bite, a soft drink or even a  fruit smoothie at their own pace and at any time. while a few meters away the children wield their first rackets, the players leave their skin on the court and the balls come and go, like life itself.

▼家具细部,details of the furnitures ©Wanna

▼材质细部,detail of the material ©Wanna

▼改造前的平面,plan before transformation ©Wanna

▼改造后的平面,plan after transformation ©Wanna

Project: Bar del Club de Tenis Dénia
Author: Wanna
Instagram: @wannarockyou
Integral project scope: Interior Design / Furniture design / Signage
Location: Partida Marjal, 0, 03700 . Dénia, Alicante. Spain.
Actuation surface: 120 m2.
Period of realization: 2020
Renders: Instagram: @laberestudio

Alentes – Low tables
Andreu World – Living room chairs (Smart model)
BPM Lighting – Technical Lightning
Fabresa – Bathroom unicolor tiles.
Florim / Cerim – Timeless Floor
Gabriel – Textiles for the wooden bench – Savoy Collection.
Marset – Apliqqes Aura Fumé
Natura Garden – Pants
Ondarreta – Living room tables. Birch countertop and duo foot.
Resol – Exterior furniture
Barcino Table / Lisboa Stool / Steel chair
Spradling – Textil cojines banco de obra – Colección Dolce

More:Wanna。更多关于他们:Wanna on gooood.

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