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2012年,WOHA事务所应台中市政府和逢甲大学的邀请,将其“会呼吸的建筑”展览带到了台中。该展览是由市政府发起的门户项目总体规划中的一部分,重点关注可持续发展、低碳排放和智慧城市等设计理念。政府正在起草新法规,以使台中市在下一阶段的发展中成为一个更环保宜居的城市。在展览之后,由逢甲大学担任顾问的开发商Golden Jade,委托WOHA在台中市中心设计了一个史无前例的、可持续的多功能开发项目。

In 2012 WOHA was invited by the Taichung City Government and Feng Chia University to bring its exhibition “Breathing Architecture” to Taichung. This exhibition was part of a program initiated by the city government’s Gateway Project Masterplan which focused on the design principles of sustainability, low carbon emissions and smart cities. The government was in the process of drafting new regulations to make Taichung a greener, more liveable city in its next phase of development. Following the exhibition, the developer Golden Jade, with Feng Chia University as an advisor, commissioned WOHA to design a green and sustainable mixed-use development in the heart of the city, the first of its kind in Taichung.

▼项目概览,Overview ©Kuomin Lee

作为一项综合性的开发项目,Sky Green位于市中心一个人口稠密、充满活力的社区。该地点由两个矩形地块组成,一个面向城市主干道巩义路,另一个面向相对安静的大静街。该项目包括两座26层高的大厦,从4层以上都是公寓区和零售空间。为了适应繁忙的街道环境,所有商铺均设置在底部三层。商店错落有致的玻璃为绿树成荫的人行道和现代户外街道提供了美丽的城市化背景。

▼街道视角,Street view ©Kuomin Lee

Sky Green a mixed-use development located at the heart of Taichung in a densely developed and vibrant neighborhood. The site is made up of two rectangular plots, one facing the main city thoroughfare, Gongyi Road, and the other facing Daying Street, a quieter secondary street. The development consists of two 26-storey residential towers with apartment units from level 4 onwards, as well as retail spaces. To connect to its setting, and the hustle and bustle of the streets, the building’s retail spaces are located from ground level to level 3. The shops have staggered patterned glass cladding to give an urban backdrop to the tree-lined pedestrian walkways and modern outdoor street furniture.

▼从对街看向建筑,Look at the building from across the street ©Kuomin Lee


▼为了适应繁忙的街道环境,所有商铺均设置在底部三层,To accommodate the busy street environment, all shops are located on the bottom three floors ©Kuomin Lee

▼从4层以上都是公寓区和零售空间,From the fourth floor up are apartment blocks and retail Spaces ©Kuomin Lee

Away from the busy street life an intimate, serene landscaped courtyard greets the residents as they return to their homes. Above the retail shops rise the two residential towers as well as generous recreation facilities for indoor and outdoor activities. Both towers have deeply recessed windows and the façades are enveloped with protruding balconies with trees, sky gardens and mesh screens that serve as a trellis for green creeper plants. Landscaping is treated as a key material in creating the building envelope for the residential towers. The façade elements create deep sun-shading and the greenery acts as an active and living interface between the interior and exterior environment.

▼两座塔楼都有深深凹陷的窗户,外立面被凸出的种有树木的阳台所环绕,Both towers have deeply recessed Windows and facades surrounded by projecting balconies planted with trees ©Kuomin Lee

▼细部,Details ©Kuomin Lee


▼立面的设计营造出浓郁的遮阳效果,The facade design creates a strong shading effect ©Kuomin Lee

▼仰视阳台,Look up the balcony ©Kuomin Lee

▼空中花园和网状屏风可作为绿色爬山虎的蔓延花架,The hanging gardens and reticulated screens serve as spreading trellises for green creepers ©Kuomin Lee

Large sky terraces at every five floors within the block extend the living space of residents from indoors to outdoors, creating a biophilic environment within a high-rise development. Every unit is visually connected to greenery outside their apartment windows.A series of open, yet sheltered sky gardens, terraces, balconies and planters create a breathable façade and visual interest, enhancing the real estate value of these apartments in a densely built up area while providing spatial relief to apartment owners.

▼鸟瞰露台,Aerial view ©Kuomin Lee

▼拥有水池的露台可供住户休闲娱乐,The terrace has a pool for residents to relax ©Kuomin Lee

▼露台细部,Details of the terrace ©Kuomin Lee

Sky Green的建筑策略对于台中来说十分新颖,而实际上WOHA在过去25年中已于新加坡等地区有过多次成功的实践。除了适应台中的文化和亚热带气候外,Sky Green还确保了住户在地震和台风期间的安全。作为当地的首个高密度开发项目,其休闲设施和充足的集成绿地提高了居住舒适度,它也因此成为了未来城市可持续发展和高空绿化的风向标。

▼阳台视角,The balcony view ©Kuomin Lee

▼从室内看向露台,View from the interior to the terrace ©Kuomin Lee

The architectural strategies of Sky Green are new for Taichung, but they have been developed by WOHA over the last 25 years, and many prototypes have been successfully built in Singapore and other regions. The design of Sky Green has been adapted to suit the local culture and subtropical climate, as well as to ensure safety during earthquakes and typhoons. As the first high-density development in Taichung that also provides high amenity with its recreational facilities and ample integrated green spaces, Sky Green will be influential in defining the new benchmark of sustainability and skyrise greenery for the city’s future developments.

▼从公寓内看向露台,The view from the apartment to the terrace ©Kuomin Lee

▼从露台看向公寓立面,View from the terrace to the apartment facade ©Kuomin Lee

▼露台夜色,Night view of terrace ©Kuomin Lee

▼傍晚时分,In the evening ©Kuomin Lee

▼场地平面,Site plan ©WOHA

▼公寓楼层平面,Apartment plan ©WOHA

▼不同区域立面,Elevations ©WOHA

▼剖面图,Sections ©WOHA

Project Location:Gongyi Road, Taichung, Taiwan
Project Dates:Design Inception: 14 January 2014
Start of Construction: 1 April 2015
Completion: Nov 2019
Project Cost:3515.65 MILLION TWD,153.7 MILLION SGD
Project Size:Gross Floor Area: 61026.88 m2
Plot Area: 4597m2
Underground parking: 6 floors
L1-L3 : Retail
L4 : Residential Communal Facilities
L5- L26 : Residential
Building height TOP 104.4 m
Building height last occupied floor L26 91.95m
No of lifts : 10 (residential only)
Number of Units
TOTAL RESI UNITS : 182 units
Tower A Type A : 54 units
Tower A Type B : 10 units
Tower A Type C : 30 units
Tower B Type D : 44 units
Tower B Type E : 44 units
Parking spaces 459
Project Team:Wong Mun Summ,Richard Hassell,Pearl Chee Siew Choo,See Jian Fa,Lin Li Ping,Billy Novia Prima,Tay I-Lin ,Nick Puah,John Paul R Gonzales,Josephine Isip,Anthony Wong ,Shuxian
Client:Golden Jade Construction & Development Corp
Local Architect:Archiman Architects Planners Associates
Mechanical & Electrical Engr:Jin Ding Electrical Machinery Industry Technician’s Office
Civil & Structural Engr:DAYAN Engineering Consultant CO.LTD
Landscape Consultant:Feng Chia University Architecture Research Design Centre
Lighting Consultant:LHLD Lighting Design LLC
Main Contractor:Golden Jade Construction & Development Corp

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