SHUFAN furniture showroom, China by Nothing Deisgn

The space takes into account both privacy and publicity

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Between the East Fourth Ring Road and the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, there is a diamond shaped area separated by several twisted rails. When Beijing is experiencing rapid expansion, this “enclave” less than 5 kilometers away from CBD is hidden in the decaying industrial buildings, and has gradually becomes a corner forgotten by urban civilization.

▼空间概览,preview © 朱雨蒙


The long-term goal of Xidian memory cultural and creative town in Beijing is to gradually build a mixed community with a total area of more than 100,000 square meters by introducing cultural and creative industries and reconnecting the blocks separated by the railway. Shufan is a valuable and tasteful furniture brand needed by Xidian memory cultural and creative town in Beijing.

▼轴测图,axonometry © Nothing Design




The exterior of the building is surrounded by a special customized rust red weathering resistant steel plate skin. Through the special “sense of friction” between the material and the field, a tension is created. The rough and crisscross red brick walls echo the historical characteristics of the site, and the well arranged glass windows and revolving doors show the “protagonist” Shufan furniture in the space container to the public.

▼主入口立面,main entrance facade © 朱雨蒙

▼次入口立面,secondary entrance facade © 朱雨蒙

▼玻璃门将家具展现给公众,glass doors showing furniture to the public © 朱雨蒙


The overall layout of the first floor is bold and unique. The space division of triangles and irregular polygons on the plane, the special structure treatment method, and the uniform rust red color of careful consideration by the designers. The space takes into account both privacy and publicity, and the functional layout simulates the family layout, which meets the needs of furniture exhibition.

▼展示区B,采用特殊的结构,display area B with special structure © 朱雨蒙

▼铁锈红配色,rust red color © 朱雨蒙


Between the stairs and the arc-shaped steps, there is a ladder shaped low wall, which divides the traffic space and the main space, The low wall, the stairs, the platform form 3 different ladders, which indicates the height conversion of the space. The round hole on the wall not only echoes the arc elements of the design, but also can be served as a practical furniture showcase, breaking the dullness of the wall.

▼展示区C,main display area C © 朱雨蒙

▼弧形台阶,用于家具展示,arc-shaped steps for furniture display © 朱雨蒙

▼阶梯状的矮墙,圆洞呼应设计的弧形元素,ladder shaped low wall, round hole echoing the arc elements of the design © 朱雨蒙

▼楼梯,staircase © 朱雨蒙


The square column in the middle of the exhibition hall is processed into a circle, the wall also has a certain radian, and the whole space becomes soft, comfortable and tender as the furniture. The columns are pasted with customized red bricks, which echo the red brick material of the facade and create the dialogue between the inside and outside of the building.

▼方形柱被处理成圆形,墙体也有一定弧度,square column is processed into a circle, the wall also has a certain radian © 朱雨蒙

▼细部,details © 朱雨蒙


The reception hall adopts orange latex paint of warm color system, which is highly unified with sofa and chair of warm color, close to the style of home decoration. The depth of the fire hydrant behind the dining table is used to make a niche to increase the sense of hierarchy. The silk chandelier highlights the exquisite luxury, lighting up the whole space together with the white dining table. The minimalist glass cabinet and chair add line elements to the space and enrich the composition

▼家庭布局展示区,family layout display areas © 朱雨蒙

▼客厅展示,living room display © 朱雨蒙

▼餐厅展示,dining room display © 朱雨蒙


The special design of the arc and wave shape of the door opening breaks the shackles of the ordinary square door opening and creates a changeable and light atmosphere.

▼一层平面,ground floor plan © Nothing Design

▼二层平面,first floor plan © Nothing Design

▼立面,elevations © Nothing Design

▼剖面,sections © Nothing Design

设计方:Nothing Design
项目设计 & 完成年份:2020
项目地址:中国 北京

Project name: SHUFAN furniture showroom
Design: Nothing Design
Contact e-mail:
Design year & Completion Year: 2020
Leader designer & Team: Liu Chang
Project location: Beijing
Gross Built Area: 350 Sqm
Photo credits: Zhu Yumeng
Clients: SHUFAN furniture

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