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A workspace that exists as a transparent and orderly place of living

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In the noise, you can feel at ease. This is our definition of such a first self-space. Life and growth, creation and realization will be placed in it.

▼项目概览,preview © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川


▼分析图,diagram © 喜叻空间研究

When faced with this unbridled space for the first time, we try our best to realize the expression of self-spirit in space. So when the planning plane started, we abandoned all techniques except functionality. So simplicity, warmth, brightness, inclusion has become the main words of the expression space.

▼入口,entrance © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川

▼水吧+洽谈区,water bar + chat area © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川

▼从工作区望向吧台,view to the bar from the workspace © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川

▼水吧+洽谈区,water bar + chat area © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川


We want this to be a user-only space. Warm, relaxed and orderly is what we want to achieve. We have abandoned the workspace that exists as an appearance, preferring it to be presented as a transparent and orderly place of life. So we extracted the method of private house to complete the planning of the plane. Bedroom, study, dining room, living room corresponding to the work area, conference room, negotiation area, meeting area.

▼工作区,workspace © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川

▼会议区,meeting room © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川


We use wood, art paint to build the whole space, to achieve the whole space atmosphere expression. Users of the space are expected to be immersed in this for the maximum extent possible.

▼室内细节,interior detailed view © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川


The aligning composition and visual continuity between forms are the main ways of spatial order and form expression.

▼工作区细节,workspace detailed view © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川


Repeated cutting of different sizes of the same material in the form of metal installations and facades uses the most basic expression of dotted surfaces to form the most basic rhythmic relationship of space.

▼金属装置,metal installation © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川


The echo of the vault and the curved background, the combination of high and low forms, breaks the single rhythmic order of space, and forms the interaction and dialogue between spaces.

▼拱顶与弧形背景,the vault and the curved background © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川

▼装置细节,installation detailed view © 形在空间摄影 / 贺川

▼平面图,plan © 喜叻空间研究

▼立面图,elevations © 喜叻空间研究


项目设计 & 完成年份:2020/12-2021/03
主创及设计团队 主创;高成/张润 团队成员;高成/张润/历云翔/王凯迪

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