Henri Dunant Square by Espace Libre

Urban public space reused from the previous design

Project Specs


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项目建设用地位于法国Mantes-la-Jolie,与街区主要的商业区相邻。这又是一个改变了场所外观的项目,拓展了Henri Dunant广场的视野,同时突出了广场边的la maison du sous-préfet餐厅。改造前,停车场设于广场中心,公共空间则分散在四周。

In Mantes-la-Jolie (France), the area for construction is located near the main neighborhood shops (supermarket, fast food and cinema). Another recent project has changed the appearance of this place. This has enlarged the perspective of the square Henri Dunant. Now, it highlights la maison du sous-préfet. Today, the parking lot is in the heart of this square and the public spaces are separate.

▼广场鸟瞰,aerial view of the square ©Julien Falsimagne

项目是Action Coeur de Ville计划的一部分,旨在将Henri Dunant建设成为一片人行区域,使其能够通过Cours des Dames街区,更好地与城市中心产生连接。实际上,项目中安装的街道家具和娱乐设施都遵循了Cours des Dames的城市法规。根据承包商的希望,场地上的新结构将把不必要的空间控制到最小,这可能会引起一定程度上的不便。

The project, which is part of the Action Coeur de Ville program, is intended to make Place Henri Dunant a pedestrianized area, thus better connecting it to the city center through the neighborhood Cours des Dames. In fact, the games and street furniture that will be installed, are inspired by the urban codes of the Cours des Dames. Following the wishes of the contractor, the new structure of the site will limit unnecessary spaces, which may cause discomfort.

▼设计策略,design strategy ©Espace Libre


The place has gotten a makeover. Highly green, the area provides a “cool island” which helps to mitigate high temperatures. It reconnects the different areas and facilitates the flux of pedestrian circulation and multiplies the uses of the square. A playground becomes a meeting point, allowing children of the neighborhood; not only to play and enjoy, but also to wait for their cinema shows.

▼植物形成绿岛,plants creating green islands ©Julien Falsimagne

plants mitigating the high temperature and making the square more comfortable ©Julien Falsimagne

▼在树荫下漫步,walking under the tree shadows ©Julien Falsimagne

▼广场中的圆形游乐场,circular playground on the square ©Julien Falsimagne

▼在游乐场中玩耍,play in the playground ©Julien Falsimagne

▼游乐场也是等候和休息的空间,playground also acting as a waiting and resting place ©Julien Falsimagne

▼游乐场细部,details of the playground ©Julien Falsimagne

▼穿过广场,去往不同区域,heading to different areas through the square ©Julien Falsimagne


A maximum of materials has been reused from the previous design. The parking lot was bordered by granite. These borders were removed, then cleaned and finally, they were reused in the new parking lot.  Some structures made in gravel were stripped, stored and reused. The land was also “recycled” with the above process, stripping, storing and reusing. The local ecosystem was prioritized to use short circuits.

▼停车场,parking lot ©Julien Falsimagne

▼广场连接周边区域,square providing connection between the surrounding areas ©Julien Falsimagne

▼总平面图,master plan ©Espace Libre

Project name: Henri Dunant Square
Architects: Espace Libre

Website: http://www.espace-libre.fr/
Project location : Mantes-La-Jolie, France
Design year: 2018
Budget: 850.000 € excl. tax.
Year Built: 2019
Photographs: Julien Falsimagne

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