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项目位于马德里自治区Collado Villalba市镇的中心,是当地最重要的公共空间之一。广场围绕在周边的城市道路与停车场之中,缺乏人性化的设计,除了用于举办每周的集市之外,没有其他实际用途。广场地面由沥青铺制,几乎没有任何绿化与休息区,可以说是一个脱离了城市环境的刚性空间。

▼广场总体概览,overall of the plaza © Luis Díaz Díaz

The square is located in the urban epicentre of Collado Villalba (Madrid) and it is pivotal for the public use of the municipality. However, it was a rigid space detatched from its surroundings due to the road traffic circulation and the perimeter parking, as well as its lack of uses and its harsh design. The square was a mere asphalt terrace devoted to hosting the weekly market, containing almost no green or rest areas.

▼硬质铺装面积减少为绿植留出了空间,The reduced area of hard paving leaves space for greenery © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼改造后的广场成为城市步行系统的重要节点,The renovated square becomes an important node of the urban pedestrian system © Luis Díaz Díaz


The principal aim of the remodelling project of the square was to transform this urban void, which was isolated and not very permeable, into a freer, open and multifunctional space, where the citizen becomes the subject of the action. This involves a process of humanisation of the place, in which the pedestrian is favoured over the car, and the paved surface is reduced in order to accommodate larger green areas. Such green areas are not conceived as a mere decorative element, but hold a direct relation with what has been built.

▼树池与树池边缘的弧形长凳,The tree grate and the curved bench at the edge © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼绿化区域与硬质铺地的交融,Integration of green areas and hard paving © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼台阶,steps  © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼绿化带,Green belts © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼改造后的照明设施,Lighting facilities after renovation © Luis Díaz Díaz


Both the vegetation and the incorporation of new uses, such as the playground, the dry fountain, the rest areas, etc. are the premises around which this project revolves. To provide the open space with content and to encourage a welcoming feeling through the zoning is prioritised.

▼座椅与铺地细部,details of the project © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼夜景,night view © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼平面分析图,diagram © Contxto

▼平面图,plan © Contxto

▼剖面图,sections © Contxto

▼剖面分析图,section analyze diagram © Contxto

Year : 2020
Architects: Contxto
Instagram: @contxto
Photography: Luis Díaz Díaz

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