Shi Ye Japanese Food, China by OR DESIGN

The young and fashionable restaurant rooted in contemporary culture

Project Specs


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“Shi Ye Japanese Food” is located on the B1F of Yaohan Mall in Jiaxing District. A small restaurant specializing in Japanese set meals. How to stand out from the rows of restaurants and attract the attention of diners is the keypoint that the brand needs to break through.

▼日料店外观,exterior view of the restaurant ©上海或者设计


▼轴测空间功能分析图,axon of the space ©上海或者设计

In the public’s impression, Japanese restaurants have its own stereotypes. We want to break the old impression and integrate new elements on the basis of maintaining the characteristics of Japanese restaurants. Japan is a fashionable country. Japanese food is not just traditional,also can express some current perception.

▼吧台用餐区,the bar dining area ©上海或者设计

▼从外侧看吧台用餐空间,viewing the bar dining area from outside ©上海或者设计

▼吧台用餐空间局部,partial view of the bar dining area ©上海或者设计

「食也」作为一个新的日料文化品牌,我们想根植于当下文化,向大家传递一个年轻时尚的潮流日料。空间构成中保留了传统曲径幽通的日式禅意,同时运用了很多街头潮流的元素,比如杂乱无章的贴纸、 金属瓦楞板、霓虹灯等等。在传统空间构架的躯体上, 披上一套“新”的外衣,是一种对传统的挑战也是一种新的融合。

▼用餐区,设置金属瓦楞板和霓虹灯,the dining area decorated with metal corrugated boards and neon lights ©上海或者设计

▼金属板饰面的出餐口,the food path with metal corrugated boards ©上海或者设计

▼用餐区,墙上运用了很多街头潮流的元素如杂乱无章的贴纸,the dining area using Street Fashion elements, such as messy stickers ©上海或者设计

▼座椅和墙面细节,details of the seating and wall surface ©上海或者设计

▼空间细节,space details ©上海或者设计

▼餐厅门头细节,details of the storefront signboard of the restaurant ©上海或者设计

“Shiye” as a new Japanese food culture brand, we want to be rooted in contemporary culture and pass on a young and fashionable Japanese food culture to everyone. The composition of space retains the serpentine path which is the traditional Zen style, while using many Street Fashion elements, such as messy stickers, metal corrugated boards, neon lights, and so on. Putting on a “new coat” on the framework of the traditional space is a challenge to tradition,and a new fusion of tradition and future.

▼日料店墙面上的贴纸,the stickers on the wall ©上海或者设计

▼空间插画,the illustration on the wall ©上海或者设计

▼产品设计,product design ©上海或者设计

▼平面布置图,layout plan ©上海或者设计

▼食也门头插画,restaurant elevation ©上海或者设计

项目设计 & 完成年份:2019.12.05
主创及设计团队:巫国源 唐子雯 回凌凯 占锦明 黄玮

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