House Buiksloterham by NEXT architects

Multi-Functional house with transparency and brightness

Project Specs


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A layered house, with a special skin and a warm heart. This is the starting point for this private residence in the raw, industrial development area of Amsterdam North. House Buiksloterham consists of a single open-plan residence on four different levels. The dwelling’s heart is formed by a wooden core that cuts through all 4 layers of the house. Within this core all the facilities are located as well as more intimate recesses. A staircase spirals around this wooden core and connects the different spaces. A large greenhouse on the roof stands as a continuation of the outdoor spaces.

▼项目外观,exterior view of the project © Ossip van Duivenbode


House Buiksloterham is a house in which the indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly merge, yet retaining the sense of warmth and intimacy so essential to a home. Nothing has been hidden away and all building materials such as pipes and cables are in full view. The use of wood and red terracotta bricks give the building a warm look and feel. The outer skin of the residence is made of black, perforated corrugated sheeting, giving it a porous character. Moreover, the perforations create a spectacular light show, illuminating the residence as if it were a lantern. At the spot where the kitchen is located, the skin is lifted and gives way to large windows to strengthen the relation between inside and outside.

▼木质内核区域,the wooden core area © Ossip van Duivenbode

▼厨房区域,kitchen area © Ossip van Duivenbode

▼办公区域,working area © Ossip van Duivenbode

▼起居空间,living area © Ossip van Duivenbode

▼顶层玻璃房,greenhouse on the top roof © Ossip van Duivenbode

▼各层平面图,different levels plan © NEXT architects

▼立面图,elevations © NEXT architects

▼剖面图,sections © NEXT architects

Team:Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Claudia Linders, Mark Spijkerman, Joost Lemmens, Tara Steenvoorden
Location:Amsterdam North
Collaborator:Claudia Linders
Photographer:Ossip van Duivenbode

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