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The CTC(China Textile Center)is an atypical practice of art-involved commercial and has officially opened at the end of June 2018. The project is surrounded by eight high-rise towers and two super high-rise buildings under construction. It is a brand new entertainment destination integrating commercial streets, shopping malls, service apartments and office buildings.

▼商业区概览,Business district overview

▼商业区鸟瞰,Business district aerial view

▼建筑鸟瞰,Aerial view


Focusing on textile handcraft culture, the overall strategy of architects is carried out in two dimensions: macro and micro. Macroscopically based on the theme of water town and textile, the overall master-plan is organically organized. The differentiated density leads the people flows into the commercial street like the capillaries, and fall into the sunken square and the shopping center. Microscopically, select several drama nodes along the mainly circulation were selected to be delicately designed . These flash points also carry the requirements for integration and interaction with the art display.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼空中廊桥,the sky bridge


After the main body of the building was completed, the ATAH office led the design of the interior design of the shopping center. The three-story location connects the shopping center and the north side of the sky bridge, which is called the “eye of celebration” because of its morphological blasting posture. The best public view of the outdoor central plaza is provided in the profile relationship. It is also a holy place for event-based art events. In response to this space, we unify the division of ceiling and roof aluminum panels through the perspective matrix, and light up the eyebrow part through the BARRISOL ceiling. A romantic touch of star net was applied at the bottom of the bridge.

▼在广场上看向空中廊桥,looking the sky bridge from square

▼桥底特别设置了点点星光增添了一抹浪漫,A romantic touch of star net was applied at the bottom of the bridge


A total of four layers of ceiling and ground form logic continue the presentation of textile texture, and the texture features of each layer are formed by the integration of different mapping and ceiling systems. The side of the bridge is covered with a simple light-colored aluminum plate to hide the light. The circular marble texture of the central hall on the first floor is like a squat in the middle of the hall, but it looks like a star.

▼廊桥室内概览,the sky bridge interior view


The layout of the interior space conforms to the shape of the olive-shaped mall, and the central part of the shopping center forms a grand atrium.The shadow of the ceiling structure is like a layer of silk sprinkled in a light-colored room. Two groups of non-parallel long-span bridges interweave the north-south business lines. Four groups of escalators lead customers from the basement to the cinema in the high area.

▼购物中心室内概览,interior view

▼一楼中央大厅的圆形大理石肌理好似眸中却漾起了涟漪,望向星空,The circular marble texture of the central hall on the first floor is like a squat in the middle of the hall, but it looks like a star


整个CTC商业中心的建筑设计由徐光领导的建筑师团队合作MADA s.p.a.m.共同完成。建筑师由外至内为有特殊文化内容的商业体提供了贯穿始终的表达逻辑。使其展现出一种流动的,时尚的,随运动而展开多视角的空间观想,为艺术和事件提供承载的场所可能。

The architectural design of the entire CTC Commercial Center was completed by the design team led by Architect Guang Xu, together with MADA s.p.a.m.. From the outside to the inside, the architect provides a continuous flow of expression for the project with special cultural content. It shows a fluid, fashionable, muti-perspective spatial view with the trajectory, providing a stage for art and events.

▼夜景,night view

▼一层平面图,1F plan

▼二层平面图,2F plan

▼三层平面图,3F plan


室内建筑师: ATAH 介景建筑
项目地点: 浙江省绍兴市 | 金柯桥大道/绸缎路
主持设计师: 徐光,王丹丹
设计团队: 何凡,杨朕钦,何珍,卫威
室内公区面积: 12000㎡
建筑年份: 2018
业主: 中国轻纺城中央商务区开发建设指挥部
摄影师: shiromio

Interior Architect: ATAH (www.a-tah.com)
Location: Shaoxing,Zhejiang
Chief Architect: Guang Xu;Lilas Dandan Wang
Design Team: He Fan; Yang Zhenqin; He Zhen; Wei Vee
Public Aera: 12000M2
Project Year: 06/ 2018
Client: Office of CTC Development
LDI:Zhejiang Zhonghe Architectural Design Co,.LTD
Curtain Wall Consultant: Baoye Group
Photograph: Shiromio

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