Seven Dials Market by The Plant

Incorporate pop elements into traditional British architecture

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Seven Dials Market是一家24小时营业的美食集市,位于伦敦的一间书吧隔壁,聚集了25家扎根于本土的独立餐饮企业。

▼市集入口和内部空间概览,the entrance and overview of the inner space of the market

Seven Dials Market is a new all-day destination, packed with 25 independent food businesses all with roots in the city’s streets and markets, alongside a bar and bookshop in London.

▼用餐空间,the dining area

集市的建成给曾被用来储存黄瓜和香蕉的Thomas Neal仓库注入了新的生机。整个集市分为两个不同的区域:“黄瓜巷”被打造成伦敦专业生产商的室内生产线;而“香蕉仓库”则坐拥一系列著名街头食品商铺和餐厅。

The arrival of Seven Dials Market breathes new life into Thomas Neal’s Warehouse which, when built in the 19th century, was used to store cucumbers and bananas. The Market is divided into two distinct areas; Cucumber Alley, an indoor lane of specialist London producers, and Banana Warehouse, home to an array of renowned street food traders and brand-new restaurants.

▼集市分为“黄瓜巷”和“香蕉仓库”两个区域,the Market is divided into two distinct areas

▼“黄瓜巷”区域,the cucumber alley


Retaining the building’s beautiful cast iron beams and brick arches, Seven Dials Market is filled with touches of iconic pop-art character throughout. Diners can feast upon baby pink Italian Terrazzo marble counters, playfully contrasting with orange leather stools and an electric pink elevator that takes centre stage.

▼各式各样的餐饮商铺,all kinds of restaurants and bars

▼被保留下来的铁铸梁和砖砌拱门,the retaining cast iron beams and brick arches

▼吧台座位区,bar seating area

Seven Dials Market非常注重整个集市的可持续发展。他们在集市内安装了一个可以集中收集湿垃圾的Rothenberg装置,以便进行下一步的利用和处理。

Sustainability is high on the list of requirements with the space housing a Rothenberg Storage Unit that holds all wet food before it is sent to anaerobic digester and converted into electricity

▼环绕着中庭护栏的座位,seats around the atrium railings

▼木制栅栏式楼梯护栏,the wooden fence type stair guardrail

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