Finnowstrasse Third Floor by ALLENKAUFMANN

Flexible and elegant

Project Specs


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Finowstrasse Third Floor is a 140 m² apartment in Friedrichshain, Berlin. The apartment was designed to accommodate a starter-family expecting in-law visits and the possibility of renting-out, while still being enjoyable to live in, entertain and retreat after work.

▼宽敞的空间格局,the spacious spatial pattern

▼厨房一角,in the corner of the kitchen

▼用餐区域,the dining area


Several walls from the original layout were demolished to open the space and allow light to flood from one space into the next. Dynamic cross views from adjacent spaces and corners connect otherwise separate rooms and spaces to one another. Simple formal details in “trocken-bau/gypsum-board” and well proportioned spaces with subtle material changes give the apartment harmony and flexibility and an unidentifiable cost of construction.

▼相邻的空间和角落拥有动态交错的视觉感,dynamic cross views from adjacent spaces and corners

▼从门外看向卧室,view to the bedroom outside the door

▼卧室内部,inside the bedroom



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