Casa Desordenada by SERRANO + BAQUERO

Coexistence of past and present through wall of translucent boxes

Project Specs


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Appreciations towards SERRANO + BAQUERO for providing the following description:


A new house is overlapped to a preexisting order. The moldings and structure retain the configuration of the original house, while a new continuous wall of translucent boxes organizes the new life. In the disorderly encounter between these two orders, a house in which different times coexist and where the limits are not fixed arises.

▼室内一览,房屋的原始结构被保留,overall view of the interior, remaining the original structure of the hosue ©Fernando Alda


The new wall contains lighting and storage and orders all the infrastructures of the house in one element. It unfolds, approaching or moving away from the perimeter, generating diverse spaces; Is not finished, but will be transformed according to the needs of the inhabitants.

▼半透明盒子组成的连续墙体分隔空间,the spaces are defined by continuous wall composed of translucent boxes ©Fernando Alda

▼起居室,living room ©Fernando Alda

▼盒子组成家具,满足不同的使用需求,boxes becoming furniture, meeting different requirements ©Fernando Alda

▼收纳在墙中的餐桌,dining table hidden in the wall ©Fernando Alda


The material of the boxes is translucent polypropylene, which sifts the sunlight from one room to another, benefiting the darker ones. They are stackable, making multiple reconfigurations of the house possible.

▼光透过盒子墙面照入不同空间,light sifted into different spaces through the wall of boxes ©Fernando Alda

▼盒子内隐藏照明设备和其他基础设施,lighting and other infrastructures hidden in the boxes ©Fernando Alda

▼卧室,bedroom ©Fernando Alda

▼半透明墙面后是储物空间,storage behind the translucent wall ©Fernando Alda

▼卫生间,toilet ©Fernando Alda


For the execution of the works, a document containing the necessary construction data was made and placed on a wall. It was modified and expanded during the process, becoming an useful map for the life of the house in the day to day, being completed and ordering content.



At the moment it is in continuous process of modification, coexisting in it construction, past and present experiences and daily objects. This map is a complex and orderly reflection of the house and its new inhabitants

▼夜景,night view ©Fernando Alda

▼模型,models ©SERRANO + BAQUERO

Location: Puerta Real de España n1 6D. Pomegranate. SPAIN
Building Area: 113m2 Total=97m2 Interior + 16m2 Terrace.
Design: Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos|Paloma Baquero Masats, Juan Antonio Serrano Garcia
Promoter: Construcciones Urbanas S.A
Builder: Coreal Reforms
Structures: Metalwork Torcuato López
Photography: Fernando Alda

More: SERRANO + BAQUERO,更多关于它们,请至:SERRANO + BAQUERO on gooood

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