Selfie Panda by UAP + Florentijn Hofman

A new giant work completed in Southwest China by the author of the Rubber Duck

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Florentijn Hofman以巨型尺寸的动物雕塑闻名国际,他与UAP的近期合作为其增加了一件力作。

Florentijn Hofman’s sculptures of monumental friendly animals are internationally famous, and his latest collaboration with UAP adds a giant panda to this portfolio.

▼自拍熊猫近景,a close view to the Selfie Panda © Rex Zou


Selfie Panda is a colossal artwork at 26m long, 13m wide and 13m high, offering the interactive capability to takes ‘selfies’ with the public. The work is a direct reference to the ongoing conservation efforts to protect the species by creating a clever social commentary, offering large scale community engagement and attracting global attention.

▼“自拍熊猫”躺在都江堰仰天窝广场中央,the Selfie Panda lies on the Yangtianwo Plaza in Dujiangyan © Rex Zou

▼俯视,aerial view © Rex Zou


▼设计草图,sketch © Florentijn Hofman

UAP was engaged by the client from the onset of this project, developing a curatorial scope followed by the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of the work. Over 3 million strands of painted wire were screwed into the perforated aluminium body of the sculpture to create a tactile and weatherproof fur coat. The selfie stick showcases a large programmed LED screen with a camera embedded into it, emulating a real phone. Visitors are encouraged to take selfies via a custom developed mobile application.

▼夜景,night view © Rex Zou

▼制作过程,process © Rex Zou

More: UAP。更多关于他们:UAP on gooood

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