SEEUTO English Education in Fujian, China by WUSUN SPACE

The education space organized by the running track

Project Specs


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Every kid likes playing. As an indoor space for Language training of children with limited room, the major factor of interior design is to provide kids a free and safe space without dark corner for learning or playing, as well as keeping interaction with parents.

▼教育空间外观,exterior view


To have enough light is the second factor. The major source of lighting is best from daylight outdoors. It is good to keep health of eyes for kids and provide a bright learning environment without boring.

▼空间结构分解,exploded diagram of the space

▼外立面分解图,exploded diagram of the facade


▼平面生成图,将学校操场的跑道设置成为链接整个空间功能的动线,the generation diagram,  turning the running track of playground into the connection of the runway of the whole space

The original space was an uneven space, with unfavorable using areas. As a key point, we turned the running track of playground into the connection of the runway of the whole space. It is good for kids to chase each other freely. Waiting area for parents and drawing area for kids are at the two sides of the running track. It is ideal to play sport for kids and hold activities freely between kids and parents indoors.

▼教育空间前台,the reception


To separate the area of classroom and running track, the height of ground of classroom was raised up and equipped with a liner light at the base of upraised ground. The liner light reminds there is a ladder for safety indicator and it emphasizes the feeling for the levels of space.

▼室内空间局部,跑道环绕着主要教室区,partial interior view, the running track surrounds the main classroom area

▼室内空间局部,教室的底部有一条灯条,partial interior view, equipping a liner light at the base of upraised ground of the classroom

▼室内跑道走廊空间,the interior running track-like corridor


The main color used is white for the space. The original color of wood is used at key areas for the reason of safety as it makes people feel comfortable and safe. The color of PVC carpet used at some areas is the similar color as original color of wood, to make sure the safety of kids during activities. Red color is the major colors of VI logo for SEEUTO brand, Language training for children. Red is used for running track and some indication marking. Green is used for communication window, indication board and factor of interesting learning.

▼从跑道看绘本室/手工室,墙壁上贴有绿色的对话框,viewing the painting / handwork room from the interior running track-like corridor, and the green is used for communication window

▼绘本室/手工室,设有云朵状的吊灯,the painting / handwork room with cloud-like pendants

▼跑道式走廊旁的家长等待区,the parents waiting area beside the running track-like corridor


The key area of learning center is classroom where enough daylight is the basic need. There are two ways to maximize the brightness from outside daylight. One is to use glass as wall material for both sides of every teaching room. Another is to expand the window as big as possible. To avoid kids attracting from outside during class, each glass has been atomized at middle place where the kids sit down but cloud see outside.

▼教室,两侧以玻璃作为主要隔断材料,并根据孩子的视线高度在每块教室玻璃的中部设置一部分的磨砂区域,the classroom with the glass as wall material for both sides, and each glass has been atomized at middle place where the kids sit down but cloud see outside


To attaching the importance of transparence in which the teachers and parents who could monitor the kids the most clearly and swiftly, every area for activity of kids are designed to be visible. As learning center for kids, it is important to take good care of the needs of kids growing up and provide a comfort and safe learning environment for kids.

▼室内空间局部,partial interior view

▼办公空间,the office area

▼平面布置图,layout plan


project:SEEUTO English Education
Location: Putian, Fujian
Designer:Jianwu Zhang
Design team:WUSUN SPACE
Soft Team : WUSOO SOFT
Designing Time:2018.12.10-2019.02.10
Opening Date:2019.05.01
Main materials : XIN ZHONG YUAN CERAMICS imitation marble brick, aluminum composite panel, floor coating, PVC floor, wood veneer
Photographer:Rongkun Chen

More: 物上空间设计。更多关于他们请至:WUSUN SPACE on gooood 

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