See the Harbin Opera House from a new perspective by Kris & Wahyu

(Video) Record of the Harbin Opera House focusing on user experience.

Project Specs


非常感谢 Kris & Wahyu 予gooood分享以下内容。更多关于他们,请至:Kris Provoost on goooodMAD on gooood
Appreciations towards Kris & Wahyu for providing the following description:

2014年,MAD设计的哈尔滨大剧院竣工并投入运营。最近,MAD和建筑摄影师Kris & Wahyu一起从全新的角度为该项目制作了一段记录视频。

In 2014, The Harbin Opera House designed by MAD was completed and came into operation. Recently, architectural photographer Kris & Wahyu teamed with MAD architects produced a vedio portrait of the project from a new perspective.



Instead of purely focusing on the architecture, the video focused on the user experience of the project, which was not previously captured. The photographer interviewed the performers and visitors about their feelings of the building in the short video, showing the day of the great building in a more amiable way.

▼鸟瞰,bird view

▼建筑的独特外观,unique apparence of the architecture

▼建筑外侧人行步道,pedestrian path out side the building



Photograph: Kris Provoost

More: Kris & Wahyu 。更多关于他们,请至:Kris Provoost on gooood. MAD on gooood
更多关于哈尔滨大剧院:哈尔滨大剧院结构封顶We work for MAD 特别篇

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