Riverside Cake Lab By NONEZONE Space Atelier

The white canvas has recorded the passers-by, as well as the light and shadow of groves.

Project Specs


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Located at the street front of an old residential community in Wuxi, Riverside Cake Lab focuses on baking food. The project has brought about a distinctive feeling by means of minimal design, breaking away from the unimpressive image of the existing street block.

▼商店外貌,view of the store


The rectangle plan is interrupted by the elevator shaft in the middle part. The cashier desk is applied to divide the reception and operation room, so as to confirm the respective functions.





Base on the tones of white and wooden color, the design has broken away from the surrounding environment. A large proportion of void, just like a dynamic canvas, has recorded the passers-by, as well as the light and shadow of groves. The entrance of street front and sills are mainly made of timber, base on the concept of “life of street corner”. The penetrating design has provided the corridor with the function of taking a rest in the daily life, to realize the integration of interior and exterior.

▼设计以白色为基调,the white tone of design

▼临街窗台以木材作为材料,the sills are made of timber


The interior functional areas are divided by the embedded interfaces made of various materials. The reception has the attribute of social communication, and the cashier desk is separated from the other space by means of a definite design. And the internal operation room is combined with the front area as a semi-open space. The contrast of materials and colors has generated a sense of extension with multiple dimensions in the space. The penetration is not only reflected on the interior and exterior space. The solid wall is removed from the back side of cashier desk, so that it enables an unobstructed view from the exterior corridor to the innermost operation room.

▼室内外空间对视,direct view from the inside out

▼颜色对比区分功能空间,the dividing of functions are defining by colors and materials


Project Name: riverside cake lab
Project Address: Wuxi Jiangsu
Project Area: 70㎡
Architects: NONEZONE Space Atelier
Architects in charge: Wanghai Yaoweiguo Suyang(Interior)Chenying(Art Furnishings)
Lighting design: lvsunny
Photographs: Chenming
Main Material: old wooden floor white ceramic tile Diatom mud Plastic Spraying with Iron
Project Year: May 2017
Complete Year: July 2017

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