Wormhole Library Interior Design by MAD + LHBY

A Poem Takes You Far Away

MAD releases the design for the Arnaya ‘Cloud Center’

(Only in Chinese)A cloud floating in the forest

Jiaxing Civic Center, China by MAD


MAD’s ‘Wormhole Library’ has been completed

An intersection of architecture, art, humanity and nature

“Village under the sky” – Design proposal for Zhuhai Yinkeng Art Center, China by MAD

(only in Chinese) Restoration and renovation instead of reconstruction

MAD’s ‘Wormhole Library’ Creates a Dreamscape by the South China Sea

A “wormhole” that transcends time and space

MAD Unveils Jiaxing’s “Train Station in the Forest”

Creating an environment where people can both live and travel with convenience, dignity, and comfort

Le Cheng Kindergarten in the old city of Beijing has been completed by MAD

(Only in Chinese) Tension between new and old giving new life to the architecture

Fenix warehouse in Rotterdam breaks ground: MAD’s first cultural project in Europe

(Only in Chinese) A place inherits the history while encouraging new culture

MAD Completed “Gardenhouse” – its First Project in the USA

MAD’s first completed project in the USA: a playful homage to the iconic hillsides of Los Angeles