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It is extremely important to regard the appearance of architecture as the expression of human nature, because we live to express. ——LouisI.Kahn

The expression of architectural space requires motivation behind it.  For example, at the beginning of the design, “hidden” yourself is the intention of ATMOSPHERE. A full-faced glass wall is built up, and the cold-skinned old city wall stands side by side. The white goose warm stone paves the ground and the hanging device stands in front of the window. The collision of materials and materials creates a harmonious and balanced combination of new and old.

▼入口前厅,lobby area ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


“What is this?” If you see the space door, you have already thought about it and you are curious about the internal world. The design goal has already reached half.

▼入口大门细部,entrance detailed view ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


甫一进入空间,大面积黑色的运用,巧妙的将入访者好奇的情绪悄然抚平,光束的投射则将所有目光指引至墙面上Philip Johnson所言。作为第一个普利兹克奖获得者的Philip Johnson,其对空间设计的探索与创新,与不同阶段的创作理念,成为氣象建築的设计引导之一。

Architecture is the art of studying how to waste space—— Philip Johnson

As soon as he entered the space, the use of large areas of black quietly smoothed the curious emotions of the visitors, and the projection of the light beam directed all eyes to the wall. As the first winner of the Pritzker Prize, Philip Johnson’s exploration and innovation of space design and creative ideas at different stages have become one of the design guides of ATMOSPHERE.

▼入口装置和模型,installation and models at the entrance ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼光束的投射则将所有目光指引至墙面,the projection of the light beam directed all eyes to the wall ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


Through the 360-degree revolving door, through the black space, the height of the ceiling is subtly changed from low to high, allowing people to feel the “clear and cheerful” shuttle experience in the silent after the “entry”.  From black to white, from dark to bright, the white-covered office area makes people return to a quiet working atmosphere in an instant.

▼从办公区望向旋转门,view to the revolving door from the office area ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


The choice of 3500K color temperature is different from the solemn cold light effect of the regular office space, and is distinguished from the warm and warm yellow with a sense of home. Based on the most comfortable light selection visible to the naked eye, it is just right to focus on the distance between people.

▼办公区选用基于肉眼可见最舒适的光照,the office design chose the most comfortable light selection visible to the naked eye ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼办公空间细部,office area detailed view

▼展示橱窗,showcase ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川


In the almost pure white office space, the colorful colors embellished some of the seriousness that comes from the space attribute of the studio. Perhaps behind every spatial expression motivation is the representation of the designer based on observations of the world. Just like the establishment of the “Observation” in the space. It is through this connection inside and outside the window, in order to create continuous insight and reflection on the external world, diverging the source of infinite thinking.

▼缤纷色彩点缀纯白的办公空间,the colorful colors embellished the almost pure white office space ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼会议室,conference room ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼休闲空间,seating area ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼楼梯灯光,stair lighting ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼标识设计,sign design ©形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

▼设计手稿,sketch ©ATMOSPHERE氣象建築

▼轴测分析图1,Vector Analysis 1 ©ATMOSPHERE氣象建築

▼轴测分析图2,Vector Analysis 2 ©ATMOSPHERE氣象建築

▼平面图,floor plan ©ATMOSPHERE氣象建築

项目设计 & 完成年份 2018年8月 & 2019年1月
主创及设计团队:ATMOSPHERE 氣象建築
主创: Tommy Yu
设计团队: Deniel Hwang, Norma Lee
面积:189 sqm
摄影版权:形在建筑空间摄影 贺川
品牌:Van Der Rohe 凡德罗

Contact E-mail
Project Complete:January.2019
Leader designer & Team: ATMOSPHERE 氣象建築
Design in charge: Tommy Yu
Space Design: Deniel Hwang, Norma Lee
Project location:Chengdu, China
Area:189 sqm
Photo credits: Here Space Photography, Chuan He
Brands / Products used in the project:Van Der Rohe

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