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25 years ago Belgian Limburg was the first region worldwide to develop a cycle node network, where you cycle from junction to junction. We were a pioneer in recreational cycling tourism, but over the years, other regions and countries started copying the Limburg cycle node network. So to maintain our pole position, we needed to keep innovating. Not necessarily by creating more miles, but by creating even better ones.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view ©

▼林中穿梭,through the forest ©

现在的游客都非常注重体验感。因此,设计师团队在完善林堡省旅游目的地营销组织Visit Limburg的产品网络时,为其增添了独特的骑行体验。设计团队在沿选定路线考察挪威时,发现了挪威风景名胜公路旅行路线。在这条线路上,艺术,设计与建筑将自然的奇观无限放大,以令人惊喜的方式将游客引入自然。在这个项目中,开发者只对特定的环境进行了改造,以确保游客能够在不破坏自然生态环境的前提下,享受到更丰富的景观。

▼环形线路逐渐升至高空,circle route gradually rises to high altitude ©

Today’s tourists are looking for ‘experiences’. Which is why we at Visit Limburg, the Destination Marketing Organization for Belgian Limburg, started adding unique ‘cycling experiences’ to the existing network. We visited Norway, where we discovered the Norwegian Scenic Routes (Road trip) along selected roads. Natural wonders are amplified by art, design and architecture, meant to bring you closer to nature in new and surprising ways. For this project they carried out interventions in certain landscapes, to ensure that visitors can enjoy the landscape even more, without damaging or devaluating it.

▼与森林零距离接触,close to the forest ©


As Limburg already had a strong reputation as a cycling destination, we decided to create several cycling projects, in synergy with their natural environment. And since we have varied landscapes in Limburg, we wanted to increase the interaction with their natural beauty, while cycling. All of this brought me to the idea of creating bike paths through water, through the trees, underground, etc. All in strategic locations, that were already iconic, but still had potential to increase interaction between cyclists and nature. In this way we continue to build the cycle node network of the future!

▼在自然中增加骑行体验,add cycling experience in nature ©

▼双层骑行道路,double-layer cycling routes ©

设计团队开发的第一个项目是2016年4月建成的伯克里克(Bokrijk)“水上骑行”项目。这条穿过众多池塘的骑行线路使骑行者不仅能亲眼看到,闻到甚至能够触摸到水面,真正的拥抱自然。第二个项目即去年夏天(2019年6月)完工的“林中骑行”项目。该项目位于博斯兰(Bosland),游客将沿环路逐渐骑行至10米高空,360°全方位感受在林中穿梭的美妙。第三个项目是位于霍格·肯本国家公园(Hoge Kempen National Park)的“荒地骑行”项目。该项目正在建设中,预计于2020年夏季开放。建成后,该项目将成为一条壮观的标志性骑行道。这条300米长的桥结构两端将连接起国家公园,在为骑行者带来壮丽景色的同时,弥补林堡骑行道网络上的一段重要缺口。位于坎内(Kanne)泥灰岩洞穴的“地下骑行”项目将成为整个计划的最后阶段,此项目还没有预计的开放日期。

▼森林入口,entrance of the forest ©

The first project we developed, was ‘Cycling through Water’ in Bokrijk (April 2016). By creating this bike path through one of the many ponds in that area, we allowed cyclist to really encounter with nature. You see, smell and can even feel the water. The second project, ‘Cycling through the Trees’ in Bosland opened last summer (June 2019). This new cycle path permits cyclists to gradually ride in a circular motion to a height of 10 metres, giving them a sensational 360° experience between the treetops. A third one, ‘Cycling through the Heathland’ in the Hoge Kempen National Park is currently under construction, planned to be opening in the summer of 2020. It will be a spectacular route with an iconic cycle bridge as an apotheosis. The impressive construction of 300 meters long will connect the National Park on both sides, fixing a missing link on our cycle node network, and giving cyclists a spectacular view over the landscape. Lastly, ‘Cycling Underground’ in the marl caves in Kanne is in the final phase of finalising the design, so we don’t have an opening date there yet.

▼路边的休息设施,rest facilities near the route ©

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