Se7en – NA stage Livehouse, Dalian, China by Robot 3 Studio

Music turned into a flowing space.

Project Specs


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Music is the most direct form of art.

Space also has a narrative rhythm, and music is leading this rhythm. The exciting point of creation is the seventh symphony in A major. It is powerful and strikes the soul.

▼空间一览,overall view of the livehouse


There are four parts to combine this space: the wall, the arch, the sloping house, and the long desk.

▼空间由筒壁,拱券,斜屋,长台组成,the space is composed of wall, arch, a sloping house and a long desk

▼从入口处看整个空间,倾斜的墙面和拱券富有动感,view of the space from the entrance, oblique wall and the arch create a dynamic feeling

▼拱券划分入口和舞台空间,entrance space and the stage are defined by the arch


Music and space, virtual and reality, dance together. Space inherits music, there are dynamic changes, and there are dramatic conflicts.Music can be touched,music can become a reality. Touch music,touch reality.

▼深邃的入口连接明亮开放的空间,enter the open and bright space through a dark and deep corridor

▼入口吧台区,reception and bar area

▼开放的观众区,倾斜的墙面增加韵律和力度感,audience area, the oblique wall enhance the feeling of strength and rhythm

▼辅助空间隐藏在墙面后,functional rooms are hidden behind the wall

▼斜屋后的过道,corridor behind the sloping house

▼波纹金属板制作的独立房间给空间带来不一样的节奏,separate room made of corrugated metal panels as a different element in the space

▼斜屋内部,inside the sloping house

▼彩色光照下的波纹板呈现独特韵律,rhythm of light and colors created by the corrugated panels

▼黑暗中的紧急出口,exit in the dark


Some people say that architecture is concretionary music. Music is turned into a flowing space here.


▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric


设计机构:Robot 3工作室
建筑面积:300 平方米
摄影:Robot 3工作室

Robot 3 :
Design Firm:Robot 3 Studio
Architect: Pan Fei,Wang Zhi,Han Dong,Zhu Zhonghui
Client:M3 City Music Museum
Location:M3 City Music Museum,Xigang District,Dalian,Liaoning Province,China ,
Type: Leisure & Entertainment
Building Area: 300 sqm
Materials:Gypsum board, Mirror Stainless Steel,Metal corrugated sheet
Completion: 2018.12
Photographer:Robot 3 Studio

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