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This project is to reconstruct an office in a high-rise building. The client wants the designers transform his office into a place where his staff can take a breath of nature behind the reinforced concrete walls. To this end, the designers abandoned the idea of traditional cubilces, and instead, they lined desks and bookshelves in curved shape alongside the walls and ceiling and moved the “forest” into the office, making it an open space with natural vitality.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office4

▽ 概念分析/Concept analysis

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office设计概念

▽ 原始平面图 Original floor plan



Inadequate streamlined layout with multiple irregular shapes and dead space; low overall utilization rate

▽ 改造平面布置图 Reconstruction floor plan


▽ 平面分析 Plane analysis

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office1-1-11


The client specifically required the designers to spare the space by the office entrance for meetings and negotiations, which made the rest of the work area an irregular triangular space. In order to maximize the utilization of space, the designers smoothly converted the disadvantage into the highlight of the project by using irregular curves in such irregular space. The three sides were designed to naturally spread around the center of the area, thereby making the entire space in a streamlined layout without any dead space. In addition, the designers have made the full use of sunny windows, making the area by the windows into a free space for exchanges and sharing. The introduction of green plants has also brought rhythm and cadence to the office.

▽ 空间流线视觉化,入口曲径通幽,进入公共办公区则犹如误入桃花源,豁然开朗。Streamlined space with winding entrance makes people feel like straying into the Peach Blossom Garden when entering the office.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office8

▽ 传统办公楼终于有一股新鲜的血液注入其中,于内部而言,设计师在不改变大体结构的基础上将一个幽静的工作花园置入原始结构中,使室内外互相穿插对话,创造出一种新的界限形式。So finally, an injection of fresh blood has been brought to the design of traditional office buildings. For the interior space, the designers have designed a peaceful and pleasant office based on the original structure of the building, connecting the indoor and outdoor areas naturally and thus creating a new form of boundaries.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office2

▽ 在这里,人们可以逃离都市雾霾的现实,犹如置身于宁静的自然花园,在紧张的工作中使身心得到放松,从而提高工作效率。Here, people can escape the urban fog and haze, like working in a tranquil garden, which allows them to relax during intense work and thereby enhancing work efficiency.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office1-1

▽ 曲线性的工作区与直线性的走廊空间形成对比,连续的曲线界面将办公内部分割成不同的空间区域,使人产生不同的过渡体验。Curvilinear workspace contrasts nicely to the rectilinear corridor. Continuous curve divides the office into different spaces, providing people a completely different transition experience.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office3

▽ 穿插于工作台之间的植物既能让员工感受到自然,功能上又可以切实地改善室内微气候与环境。 The plants interspersed between tables enable the employees to feel the atmosphere of nature, and at the same time can effectively improve the indoor micro-climate and working environment.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office5

▽ 植物主要选择适宜室内种植的茂盛的绿宝、幸福树。相对低矮的蕨类等小型植物穿插其中,使每一个角落都能被绿色充满。Plants are mainly those suitable for growing indoors, such as happy tree (Radermachera hainanensis Merr), with relatively low ferns and other small plants among them, making every corner full of green.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office6

▽ 会议室玻璃隔断模糊了空间的边界,改变空间分割呆板的印象。自然、轻盈是整个空间遵循的主题,配以丰富的植物,成为都市中一道亮丽的“森林”。Glass partition of the conference room blurs the boundaries of space, which alters the stiff impression of conventional workspace. Nature and lightness are the themes of this project. Abundant plants bring an attractive highlight to the office.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office9

▽ 在传统办公中,办公区域是一种半内半外的空间形式,而现在,迂回婉转、错落有致、树石穿插,大大丰富了空间的趣味性和体验性。Traditional office is usually a semi-open space. Now, in this project, the office space is divided into various areas in picturesque disorder interspersed with trees and rocks, which makes the office more interesting and provides employees with a better experience.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office7

▽ 大面积的木头传达出亲近感,与白色调的墙面形成丰富的肌理层次,同时书架及休闲沙发作为过渡空间,加入适当的植物使得办公环境更加轻松,提升空间的舒适感,每个功能区域加入的平面设计元素,丰富了视觉感受。The intensive use of wood conveys a sense of intimacy. Wood tables and decorations, together with white walls, form rich textural levels. With bookshelves and sofa as transitional spaces, the office becomes even more comfortable and pleasant by placing adequate plants. Graphic design elements in each functional area enrich the visual experience.

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office12

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office10

Scenic beauty meets elegance inside an office14

▽ 轴测图 Axonometric drawing

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▽ 剖面图1 Sectional view 1


▽ 剖面图2 Sectional view 2



Project address: Putuo District Shanghai
Project type: Office reconstruction
Design content: Interior design
Area: 111 m2
Design time: Nov 2015-Dec 2015
Construction time: Dec 2015-Feb 2016
Design team: Zhang Lei, Sun Haochen, Ouyang Boyong, Wang Jie
Photographer: Zhang Daqi

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