Scarborough Foreshore Redevelopment by Taylor Cullity Lethlean + UDLA

A refreshed foreshore

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Perth’s famous Scarborough Beach has been remade into one of Australia’s best urban beach precincts.

▼海滩鸟瞰图,the bird-eye’s view ©Douglas Mark Black

本项目由大都会重建局(Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority)与斯特灵地方政府管辖区(City of Stirling)和由建筑事务所TCL和UDLA领导的设计团队合作完成,将这个曾与城市缺乏联系且以停车场为主的海滩打造成了一个充满活力的、以行人为中心的场所,鼓励着人们进行各种与身心健康相关的活动。

Delivered by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority in partnership with the City of Stirling and Designed by a TCL and UDLA-led consortium, the project transformed a previously disconnected and carpark-dominated beachfront into a lively, pedestrian-focused precinct that celebrates health and wellness.

▼海滩鸟瞰图,一个以行人为中心的充满活力的的城市海滩,the bird-eye’s view, the Scarborough Beach has been transformed into a lively, pedestrian-focused precinct ©DG Imagery


本项目的核心是一个名为The Snake Pit的世界级滑冰和抱石运动空间,该空间由建筑师与景观设计事务所Enlocus合作完成,其中包括一个3.6米宽的竞赛级滑板滑道空间,以供当地活动和国际性比赛使用。

▼临海前滩的步行长廊,下层空间为市民们提供了一系列运动空间如慢跑道、自行车道等,the pedestrian promenades at the foreshore, the lower promenade provides opportunities for jogging and cycling ©Douglas Mark Black

The design for the foreshore introduced two main pedestrian promenades that provide improved circulation and frame new amenities and recreational opportunities. The upper promenade connects to retail and food and beverage outlets, civic plazas and new development zones, while the lower promenade provides opportunities for jogging, cycling and other active uses.

Central to the project is a world-class skate and bouldering space called ‘The Snake Pit,’ de-signed in collaboration with Enlocus, which includes a 3.6-meter, competition-grade skate bowl for local use, events and global competitions.

▼临海前滩的步行长廊,上部的长廊与城市广场相连,the pedestrian promenades at the foreshore, the upper promenade connects to the civic plaza ©Douglas Mark Black

Scarborough广场是一个全新的城市空间,位于海滩和The Esplanade步行区之间。该广场是前滩的主要入口,其中还设有一套由Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick设计的一套标志性遮阳棚。该遮阳棚由设计团队与当地的原住民艺术家Sharyn Egan共同完成,其设计灵感来源于自然系统和几何形状中的“泰森多边形(voronoi)”结构。

‘Scarborough Square’ is a new civic space that sits between the beach and The Esplanade. The square is the main arrival to the foreshore and includes a set of iconic shade arbors designed by Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick. The arbors were inspired by the ‘voronoi’ structure found in natural systems and geometries and were developed in collaboration with Aboriginal artist Sharyn Egan.

▼Scarborough广场上的遮阳棚俯视图,top view of the shade arbors at the Scarborough Square ©Douglas Mark Black

▼Scarborough广场上的遮阳棚远景外观,exterior view of the shade arbors at the Scarborough Square in the distance©Douglas Mark Black

▼Scarborough广场上的遮阳棚近景外观,其设计灵感来源于自然系统和几何形状中的“泰森多边形”结构,close exterior view of the shade arbors inspired by the ‘voronoi’ structure found in natural systems and geometries at the Scarborough Square ©Dion Robeson

▼Scarborough广场遮阳棚局部,partial view of the shade arbors at the Scarborough Square ©Douglas Mark Black

在基地的北侧,设计团队使用从基地上挖掘出来的土方创造了一个全新的地形。建筑师将这里命名为日落之丘(Sunset Hill),在这里,市民和游客们可以欣赏到印度洋以及整个沙滩的壮丽景色。

In the north of the site a new landform has been created using excavated soil from the site. Named Sunset Hill, it allows spectacular views over the Indian Ocean as well as up and down the beach.

▼日落之丘局部,一个由从基地上挖掘出来的土方创造出来的全新地形,partial view of the Sunset Hill that has been created using excavated soil from the site ©Douglas Mark Black

▼日落之丘局部,高地势使得人们可以欣赏到美景,partial view of the Sunset Hill, its high elevation allows spectacular views ©Dion Robeson

▼日落之丘局部,与步道相连,partial view of the Sunset Hill that connects with the pedestrian promenades ©Douglas Mark Black


To the north a new children’s playground has been designed around a whale skeleton, interpret-ing Indigenous Whadjuk/Noongar Dreaming stories of spirits returning to land through the whales.

▼基地北侧的儿童游乐场,围绕着一个鲸鱼骨架设计,the new children’s playground to the north designed around a whale skeleton ©Dion Robeson


▼上部的步行长廊与餐饮中心相连,the upper promenade connects to the food and beverage outlets ©Dion Robeson

▼海滩边的篮球场运动空间,the basketball court at the Scarborough Foreshore ©Douglas Mark Black (up),  ©Dion Robeson (down)

The redeveloped Scarborough Foreshore has strengthened Perth’s beach-side image by offering an inclusive and celebratory public realm where visitors and the local community can come to-gether and enjoy the city’s beautiful seaside location.

▼夕阳下的步道空间,the pedestrian promenades at dusk ©Douglas Mark Black

▼Scarborough广场入口的遮阳棚夜景,night view of the iconic shade arbors at the Scarborough Square ©Douglas Mark Black

▼Scarborough海滩局部轴测图,the partial axon

▼Scarborough海滩平面图,the plan

Project name: Scarborough Foreshore Redevelopment
Firm: Taylor Cullity Lethlean with UDLA
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area: 9.9 hectares
Project location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Lead Architects: Taylor Cullity Lethlean
Design Team: UDLA, Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick, ENLOCUS, Diadem
Clients: Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and City of Stirling
Engineering: Arup
Collaborators: Sharyn Egan, Jahn Rees
Photo credits: Douglas Mark Black, Dion Robeson, DG Imagery
Photographer’s website:
Photographer’s Instagram: @douglasmarkblack
Video credits: Heightened Advantage

More: Taylor Cullity Lethlean UDLA      更多关于他们请至:Taylor Cullity Lethlean on gooood.

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