the arrangement of different materials creating a consistent formal and conceptual narrative throughout

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Studio Gamiero为葡萄牙里斯本的一家健身俱乐部打造了全新的室内空间。设计强调健康养生,采用当地传统手工材料和工艺技术,布置了私人健身房、休息室、酒吧、咖啡厅、水疗中心和治疗区等一系列空间。朴实、温暖又国际化的美学贯穿始终,展示着具有葡萄牙风情的材料技术。

Studio Gamiero was commissioned to design the interiors for a new members club in Lisbon, Portugal.  Featuring a variety of locally crafted materials and traditional design techniques, the club is designed with an emphasis on health and wellness and contains a private gym, lounge, bar, café, spa, and therapy facilities. The earthy, warm, yet global aesthetic showcases Portuguese materials & techniques throughout.

▼室内概览,overview © Francisco Nogueira

健身俱乐部由不同功能的空间组成,营造出多样化的氛围。进入室内,顾客将经历一场“环球旅行”, 感受来自几大洲的手工材料和传统技术。不同元素彼此交织,在“旅途”中融合成一致的形式和概念叙事。设计将丰富的葡萄牙遗产完美呈现,又顺应了全球化时代温暖、现代的审美潮流。

The club unfolds across a variety of spaces, uses, and atmospheres. Upon entering, the visitor is transported through several locations across the globe, showcasing the use of crafted materials and traditional techniques from several continents. Their arrangement creates a consistent formal and conceptual narrative throughout. This actively presents references to a rich Portuguese legacy of design but is paired with and entwined within a global, warm and contemporary aesthetic.

▼入口,the entrance © Francisco Nogueira

▼休闲区,the lounge © Francisco Nogueira

▼台阶通向抬高的咖啡吧,stairs leading to the cafe on higher level © Francisco Nogueira

▼咖啡吧视角,view of the cafe © Francisco Nogueira

▼桌椅细部,details © Francisco Nogueira


A sand-stucco backdrop was applied to all walls, allowing hand-crafted materials and details to contrast and be celebrated. Bespoke cut pieces of Moleanos (a type of sandstone from the centre of Portugal) feature in numerous positions within the space, introducing soft light colours in contrast with raw materials such as wood, rattan and terracotta. The concentration of Moleanos reflects the changing atmosphere as the space is navigated. Terracotta tiles similarly fluctuate, occasionally proliferating in unison with the Moleanos thins, which manifests in multiple floor patterns. Terracotta pieces create another type of environment, which is introduced in the locker rooms. It is commonly used in Portugal and produced at a local ceramic manufacturer in Lisbon. This type of environment, which is warmer and unique, blurs the walls and floors creating an enveloping space.

▼健身区,the fitness area © Francisco Nogueira

▼力量训练区,strength training area © Francisco Nogueira

▼砂灰泥墙壁凸显细节,the sand-stucco wall © Francisco Nogueira

▼阳台空间,the balcony © Francisco Nogueira

▼理疗室,therapy facilities © Francisco Nogueira

▼休闲区,the relaxing area © Francisco Nogueira

▼公共空间,the public space © Francisco Nogueira

▼品酒区,tasting space © Francisco Nogueira

▼酒吧吧台,the bar © Francisco Nogueira

▼酒吧装饰细部,details of the bar © Francisco Nogueira


Traditional Portuguese rattan techniques are used as contemporary architectural elements, such as dropped ceiling panels and door lintels. The sofas located in the entrance lounge are bespoke soft furniture, designed in-house and locally produced with Moleanos stone serving as a base for bespoke cushions and upholstery. There are other nods of Portuguese influences, such as the hand-wrought iron handrail, inspired by and seen in pre- Pombalino buildings in Lisbon and the ’St Andrew’’ wooden-cross structure that has been used to create the rattan restroom doors.

▼更衣室入口,entrance of the locker room © Francisco Nogueira

▼更衣室内部,interior of the locker room © Francisco Nogueira

▼陶土砖形成渐变图案,terracotta tiles similarly fluctuating © Francisco Nogueira


These elements combined and curated offer visitors and customers the opportunity to experience warm and comfortable spaces and services that are rooted in a healthy and sustainable ethos.

▼细部,details © Francisco Nogueira

▼平面图,plan © STUDIO : GAMEIRO

▼剖面图,section © STUDIO : GAMEIRO

LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal 
TYPOLOGY: Commercial
STATUS: Built, 2020 
DESIGN: Joao Gameiro, Catarina Oliveira, Yibin Yang
PHOTOGRAPHY: Francisco Nogueira
COLLABORATIONS: Galaxi (contractor), Isabel Botas (rattan), Fatimastones (stone work), Artsofa (upholstery),
Gli (tt), Ib

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