Rope Wave Office, Shanghai By ten-arch + Usual Studio

Share, Eco-friendly, open space, material construction

Project Specs


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The office area is only 170 square meters and it’s located at QSW Culture Center in Shanghai. Owner wants to create a working space at low budgets but innovative and attractive. In this office small-scale design team and startups can work together and share resources.

▼室内空间,the inner space



分享、低碳、材料建构、通透性、情感空间 Share, Eco-friendly, open space, material construction


1.塑造创意者之家空间布局——共享办公,交流创意 Creative layout – Sharing, communicating, creativity


The floor plan of two circle shapes streamlined in the open space shows the function and make the room usage more efficient. The original space below public staircases is too small to be used. According to the space conditions, now this space turn to be a reading and corporate culture display area.


▼条形吧台式办公区,co-working space

▼麻绳空间,rope space


2.塑造低碳环保的办公场所——麻绳,槽钢,原木 Environmentally-friendly working space – Rope, steel, wood


Most materials in this office are natural materials, such as rope, steel and wood, which are low price and eco-friendly. In order to highlight the rope material possibility and natural material beauty, we use waving rope as the main design concept.

▼与使用者紧密相连,connects to the users

▼洽谈区,meeting area

▼台阶图书区,reading staircase


3. 塑造新的场所气质——表皮新衣,瓦解固有的梁柱空间体系 Space quality – Waving rope cover beam-column system


Dynamic waving rope interface, like a new clothes for the space, cover the original beam-column system to make office more energetic. Rope weaving as a spatial partition, define the function of each space and produce small into large space experience. This office decorated with warm colors and elaborate lighting and furniture, trying to create a comfortable and friendly space.

▼麻绳表皮,rope screen



项目名称:麻绳工作室/Rope Wave Office
室内设计:加十国际 + 尋常設計
Project Name: Rope Wave Office
Interior Design: ten-arch + Usual Studio 
Designer: LIN Jingrui
Team:LIN Jingrui,WEN Xin,CHEN Jia, WANG Kunhui
Project Year:February 2016

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