Greiner Headquarter by f m b architekten

The sculptural space of classical modernism.

Project Specs


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The Greiner Company, a family based business founded 1922 in the small town Pleidelsheim nearby Lud-wigsburg, Germany, is known for its high quality chairs and seats and is selling products all over the world in the fields of beauty, healthcare and automotive – at its own brand or as supplier. With its well manufactured products and sustainable services the company is growing for years. The old head-quarter with its small client-center and showroom couldn’t hold up with that progress any more. A new headquarter had to be build!

▼Grenier新总部大楼外观,appearance of Grenier’s new headquater ©Brigida González


The surrounding of the site is characterized by several building-types, mixed with industry, residential and old agricultural-buildings. So how should a new building respond to that context and simultaneously transport some kind of corporate identity?We decided jointly with the client to create a pure, reduced Shape that is inspired by the timeless qualities of classical modernism. The façade of building is worked in exposed concrete, giving the structure a modest but individual impact to that heterogenic place.

▼建筑低调并现代的外形,the modest but modern shape of the building ©Brigida González



The actual address, the entrance, is placed a little bit hidden to the east and reached over a small, clearly defined square, which is also used for parking. The square surface, worked in site-typical recycled cobblestones, is “washed around” the building, connecting the adjoining street and sidewalk surfaces and strengthen the idea of a sculptural and solitaire city structure.

▼建筑入口,the entrance ©Brigida González


Organized on four levels, the flexible and multifunctional exhibition-room and customer-center is reached on entry-level and can also be used for special events when needed. However, the headquarters representative “heart” is reached over the low entrance-room: A triple storied, open space reception-hall made out of exposed concrete walls with poured in lamps – hosting a sculptural spiral staircase.

▼颇具雕塑感的旋转楼梯,the helix in the reception-hall ©Brigida González


It connects the upper floors with offices, conference-room, accounting-area and the roof-terrace. In Addition to the spiral staircase, the whole building is connected to an elevator and a necessary evacuation staircase, which provides a short internal connection for the staff and a shortcut to the nearby production-hall.

▼首层的会议室,the meeting area on the ground floor ©Brigida González

▼由楼梯进入二层,the helix leads to the first floor ©Brigida González

▼二层空间,the first floor ©Brigida González

▼楼梯是整个空间核心景观,the view if the helix in the space ©Brigida González

▼进入三层的露台,entering the second floor with large french windows ©Brigida González

▼露台,the terrace ©Brigida González

▼三层会议室,the meeting room on the second floor ©Brigida González

▼楼梯间,stairwell ©Brigida González


The cut out roof-terrace reduces the shape at the main-roads intersection so that the volume of the structure reacts sensible to the height of the surrounding buildings. At the intersection the building opens its exhibition-floor over the corner through big showcase-windows to the public – not primarily to catch new clients, but stimulating the public space.

▼夜间灯光效果,the lighting effect ©Brigida González


▼场地,the site


▼总评,master plan





Project-Name: Greiner Headquarter
Project-Type: Office and Exhibition-Building

Client: Greiner GmbH, Pleidelsheim, Germany (company)
Architects: f m b architekten – Norman Binder, Andreas-Thomas Mayer – Stuttgart, Germany
Project- and Construction-Management : Norman Binder

Location: Wettestraße 1, Pleidelsheim, Germany
Gross Floor Area: 1.890 qm
Gross Volume: 6.916 cbm
Completion: 2016

Sector Planners, Consultants:
Structural Engineer: Bornscheuer, Drexler, Eisele – Stuttgart, Germany
Building Physics: Bobran Ingenieure – Stuttgart, Germany
Building Services: Rentschler u. Riedesser – Filderstadt, Germany
Building Services Electro : Raible u. Partner – Ditzingen, Germany
Fire Prevention: LW Konzept – Stuttgart / Halfkann Kirchner – Stuttgart, Germany

Photo Credits: Brigida González

Brands, Products:
Fa. Wicona, Fenster- u. Fassadenprofile
Fa. Spreng, Wendeltreppe
Fa. Strähle, Trennwände
Fa. Jung, Schalterprogramm LS 990
Fa. LTS, Beleuchtung
Fa. Pandomo, Bodenbeschichtungen
Fa. FSB, Tür- und Fenstergriffe
Fa. Alape, Sanitärgegenstände
Fa. Dornbracht, Armaturen
Fa. Varier, Bürostühle
Fa. Vitra, Schreibtischinseln

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