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B O D Y杂志Siegfried Morkowitz诗选 | Siegfried Morkowitz, B O D Y Magazine:

有时在夜里,当我关掉灯光 | sometimes at night, just before I turn off the lights
把自己锁进黑暗里之前 | and shut myself into the night, before I have read
当我在杂志里读到那个复刻世界的 | that magazine piece about an eccentric artist
古怪的艺术家故事 | working on an exact replica of the entire world
或者在网络搜寻一些罕见疾病 | or googled the symptoms of some rare fatal disease,
以确保我的确是不朽之躯时 | just to be sure I am still immortal,
当垃圾桶的盖子打开 | before I have checked on the whereabouts
我探寻猫咪的踪迹 | of the cat, to see if he has climbed
查看他是否 | into that small nook under the sink
爬进水槽下方的角落里 | when the trash bin was open
而并没有被锁在阳台上时 | or has not been locked out on the balcony,
但当我吸完最后一支烟 | but after I have smoked my last cigarette and
饮尽了最后一杯酒 | emptied the last bottle of wine and
并暗暗提醒自己再储备一些酒时 | made a mental note to buy more wine soon,
当我检查并确认我在熟睡中的儿子 | after I have checked on my sleeping son, to make sure
还活着之后,尽管他一直在呼吸 | he is still breathing, though he always is,
当我锁上大门之后 | after I have locked the front door,
当我取出我的假牙 | after I have taken out my false teeth
并清理了我的真牙之后 | and brushed the real ones,
当我张开嘴,在镜子中凝视我光秃的 | after I have contemplated my half-toothless grin in the mirror
如同猩猩的屁股一样的牙龈之后 | and compared it, favorably, to a baboon’s butt,
当我审视过夜晚并确定那里了无星辰 | after I have examined the night for stars and found none,
只有几片微光 | just a sheet of ammoniac light plastered against the sky
氤氲在我生活的这座都市里之后 | by the gaseous metropolis in which I now live,
当我再次质问我自己 | and after I have asked myself again
是否居住在其他 | if it would not be better to live somewhere else,
或任何地方,会更好之后 | anywhere else,
当我决定不再思考明天 | after I have decided not to think about tomorrow
因为明天将永远存在 | because there is always a tomorrow
直到世界灭亡 | until there isn’t,
当我无缘无故地记起 | and after I remembered, for no reason at all,
那晚我们将我那辆老旧的漫步者汽车停靠在 | that night we parked my old Rambler in a field
离你现住所很近的,一个野花丛生的田地里 | of wildflowers not far from where you now live
突然一场暴风雨将我们围困 | and a storm erupted that seized us in its violent fist,
我们紧紧相依 | and we clung to each other for dear life
如同世界上任何一对相爱的人一样 | as all lovers do –
噢,上帝阿 | o Christ, all the years that have passed
自那个肌肤之亲的梦幻夜晚之后 | since the days we spent inside each other’s skin
过去了多少个数不清的岁月 | in a single night’s dream.

Siegfried Morkowitz 在B O D Y杂志发表的诗句是其最新作品的最好诠释。诗句带着忧伤而来,充斥了整个空间。对我们来说,这些文字比任何描述都更加生动。显而易见,对设计师来说,该空间的设计任务是在保持空间灵魂的同时,营造一处身心的忘忧之所。而这个位于19世纪建筑顶层的空间,恰好包含了这个空间的全部要素。该空间隐藏在布拉格犹太人社区中心的某个阁楼上,五层楼之下便是破败的老城。多年的拆建记忆烙刻在墙壁上,为此次诗意般的设计奠定了良好的基础。

The late works of Siegfried Morkowitz are best represented by his poem Sentence recently published in the B O D Y Magazine. The melancholy fills the space while the poem is read. For us it worked better than any client specification. Our task was clear at the first sight, we needed to keep the soul of the space, while building a retreat for the creative mind. The disused laundry at the top of a 19th century mestansky dum had it all. In the very heart of the Prague’s Jewish quarters, hidden in the attic, five stories above the havoc of the Old Town. In the very center, though touching the sky. Years of labour soaked up in the walls created the perfect foundation for our design of a poets study.

▼该公寓空间位于建筑的阁楼处, the apartment locates on the attic of the building

此次改造是The Emerald by Urbanium Concept重建项目的一部分。项目要求该建筑中的每一户公寓都必须是不同的风格,且在维持历史建筑外貌不变的情况下,营造舒适的内部居住环境。因此,设计师需以这一规定为主旨,将空间打造成极具特色的居住单元,同时要保证其可居住性和舒适性。

The conversion is a part of the regeneration project The Emerald by Urbanium Concept. Each of the apartments in the house is designed to a different mood. Its general idea is creating comfortable living spaces, while retaining the existing historical qualities. All our interventions had to follow the objective of amplifying the unique atmosphere and enabling comfortable writing and occasional sleep-over.

▼公寓内景,interior view


The bed occupies the centre of the flat. It divides the 31 square meters into distinct parts – hall, kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom, dining area and finally the working table. All piping is on the surface, former washing stove turned into a sink. Furniture from the attic got a new coating, the wardrobe had to be cut apart to pass through the door. New electric hob is fitted into an antique table and two ornate beds converted into one larger, upholstered with BROKAT.

▼床占据了空间的主要位置,the bed occupies the centre of the flat

▼空间采用裸露的管线,all piping is on the surface

▼空间背景维持原貌,the background remained in the original state

▼原有的火炉被改造成水槽,former washing stove turned into a sink

▼新的电炉被嵌入老旧桌面内,new electric hob is fitted into an antique table


We brought ornamental softness to the utilitarian space. All that is in the daily use is clean, the rest in the background remained in the original state. The cleaning routine remained present as the bathtub is placed in the focal point of the space. While contemplating in the bath you see the sky and in winter the frost flowers growing on the single glazed windows.

▼浴盆在空间中格外显眼,the bathtub is placed in the focal point of the space


▼餐桌,dining table

▼窗边细节,detail of the curtain

Architect: COLL COLL (Markéta Součková, Krištof Hanzlík, Eliška Martínková, Vavřinec Veselý, Martin Gaberle, Vanda Kotková)
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Žatecká, 110 00 Prague 1
Project year: 2017
Completion year: 2018
Project size: 31m2
Site size: —
Photo credits: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice
Photographer’s website:

Collaborators: In-Styl Hořovice, Pohůnek-Hubálovský, Tomáš Margot, Petr Brožek, Josef Andrlík, David Urban, La Fashion, Kolovrat
Client: The Emerald by Urbanium Concept

Chinese text: gooood


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