Riviera Cabin by LLABB

A 35-square-meter apartment plan with equipped wall.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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The project consists in the renovation of a studio apartment in a Ligurian coastal town. The client’s request was to reorganize the 35 square meters in order to divide the environment into living and sleeping areas. The nautical culture that characterizes this region in Italy was fundamental to the development of this project. The optimization of storage spaces inside sailboats and the minimum dimensions within these spaces were the inspiration for the development of the project.

▼收纳墙,the equipped wall


An “equipped wall” crosses the interior of the apartment, containing several functions. It accompanies, like a path, the visitor from the entrance to the living area, the heart of the house. In the vestibule, the less deep wall houses a small technical room, as well as the primary storage space. You continue on with a small dressing room / wardrobe, where you can undress, leaving the day behind. This brings you to the living area onto which, as in a square, the sleeping area, structured on two levels, overlooks.

▼收纳墙动态演示,the working process of the equipped wall


The master bedroom is accessible through two large doors and its interior – conceived almost like the inside of a whale’s ribcage – is wrapped by structural wooden ribs. This room, just like a cabin, contains the essentials; a king-size bed and minimal storage space. The final part of the wall, through a small portico, leads to the second night space, that one reaches through a steep staircase, as if climbing up a mansard of a small fisherman’s house. The small openings that give light to the room are designed as windows overlooking the living area.

▼通向主卧的门,door to the main bedroom

▼主卧如同鲸鱼的肚子,being inside the main bedroom is like being inside of a whale’s ribcage

▼收纳墙尽端通向上层卧室的门,the door to the bedroom on upper level


▼上层卧室的窗户可以俯瞰客厅,window in the bedroom on upper level could overlook the living room


The “equipped wall”, made of okoumé (also known as marine plywood), is laminated in white and blue. And the continuity between hull and sky is interrupted by the waterline that leads the eye from the entrance along the entire apartment. The kitchen, located at the end of the walkway + waterline, is stretched slightly like a sail inflated by the wind.


Project name: Riviera Cabin
Project location: Deiva Marina (SP), Italy
Architect: llabb 
Project design team: Luca Scardulla and Federico Robbiano, with Beatrice Piola and Floria Bruzzone
Contractor: Zena Costruzioni s.r.l.s. 
Carpentry works:
The carpentry works, in particular the “equipped wall”, were realized by Luca Scardulla and Federico Robbiano. In fact, llabb studio has always combined design practice with the creation of prototypes and models, believing in the “learning by making” approach and in the advantages of self-construction.
Tiles and sanitary ware: Fratelli Villa Srl 
Flooring: Woodstock 
Apartment size: 35 square meters
Budget: 30.000 Euros
Project schedule:
Schematic design: January 2017
Start of construction: March 2017
End of construction: June 2017
Photographs: All photographs are by Anna Positano

Chinese text: gooood


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