Riad: Maghreb meets Petite-Patrie! / L. McComber ltée

The kitchen renovation for a foodie couple.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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走进典型的加拿大 Petite-Patrie 地区复式的底层,一对美食家夫妇想要一个大而温馨的厨房。黑暗肮脏的现有空间将会进行极致的改造。

Moving into the ground floor of a typical Petite-Patrie duplex, this foodie couple wanted a large, inviting kitchen. Dark and dingy, the existing space would be getting an extreme facelift.

▼ 美食家夫妇所需求的厨房改造,the kitchen and dining room for a foodie couple


▼ 改造前建筑的内外环境,the internal and external condition of the building

Riad     Riad


The front of the duplex still has its original look. It is at the back that the extension takes on the feel of a riad, traditional North African architecture built around an inner courtyard.

▼ 在建筑背后扩建的厨房区域,the extension is constructed at the back of the original building



The “L” extension is slightly below the ground floor. The transition between levels is marked by a change in tone: the natural lime walls and white oak floor meet oxide pigments and black-stained oak furniture. On top of the abundant drawers, large countertop surfaces break up the picturesque view of the neighbourhood church. A dining room that looks like it is almost part of the kitchen leads into a small inner courtyard.

▼ 颜色和高程定义的空间功能,the function is defined by the transition between levels and tones


▼ 直接的流线将主人和客人直接引导入生活区,the corridor leads the residences to the living area


▼ 书房空间,study space


▼ 与整个空间一体的餐厅和厨房,a dining room that looks like it is almost part of the kitchen




The overall feel and the palette of smooth, curved materials are reminiscent of the balmy Mediterranean. Seated at the table in good company, our hosts invite you to leave Petite-Patrie and transport yourself to Marrakesh…just in time for a hearty meal!

▼ 建筑的细节,details

Riad     Riad

▼ 设计师概念,conception


▼ 平面图和原始平面,plan and the original condition


Architecture: L. McComber — architecture vivante
Team: Philip Staszewski, David Grenier, Olivier Lord, Emmanuelle Lauzier et Laurent McComber
Construction: Avantage+
Location: Petite-Patrie, Montréal
Year: 2016
Area: 1484 sq.ft
Photography: Raphaël Thibodeau

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