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The lighting here has been regulated to adapt its intensity each moment by day and by night.

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Masquespacio 在瓦伦西亚古城为 La Manera 提供的餐饮设计项目。La Manera 的项目寻求创造一个可以同时应用于白天和晚上的概念,以适应每一个时刻的需求,从早午餐的咖啡时间开始,晚上转变为餐厅,营业结束前作为鸡尾酒吧。

Masquespacio presents its last hospitality design project for La Manera, a gastrobar in the ancient city of Valencia. The project for La Manera consists in seeking to create a hospitality concept that could work by day and by night, adaptable to each moment and requirement, starting with a brunch and coffee during the morning, converting itself in a restaurant during the evening and ending up as a cocktail bar. 

▼ 吧台区域,Bar area ©Luis Beltran


002-Masquespacio     004-Masquespacio


餐厅的经营理念集中在由著名的酒侍和咖啡师提供的以天然成分制成的一流食品和饮料,打造一个旨在寻找天然材料精华的项目。因为原有建筑的砖墙已经被覆盖,所以设计师决定添加生锈的金属元素在墙壁,灯和酒吧区域。家具的使用上,一些具有相同生锈处理的金属元素与混凝土混搭,通过棕色柔软的皮革和织物制成的衬垫增添了一丝温暖。这个空间中的格子墙,旨在增添一点地中海的感觉,而植物则是来自 La Manera 品牌尊重自然的概念。

The business concept concentrated on serving first class food and beverage made of natural ingredients and served by renown cocktail and coffee baristas, allows to create a design project that seeks to find the essence of natural materials. For that the existing building brick walls have been recovered, while a rusty finish has been added to the metallic elements on walls, lamps and the bar. For furniture some metallic elements with the same rusty finish have been mixed with concrete, adding a touch of warmth through brown soft leather and cushions made of different fabrics. Also be recognized in the space is the use of a lattice wall that aims to add a touch of Mediterranean feeling to the space, while the plants seek to connect even more to the natural concept from La Manera.

▼ 就餐区域,Dining area ©Luis Beltran





Aiming to adapt the atmosphere of the venue from breakfast and dinners to a sexy night space, last but not least the lighting has been regulated entirely, allowing to adapt its intensity each moment by day and by night.

▼ 白天利用天光的亮度,the lighting has been regulated to adapt the demand ©Luis Beltran


014-Masquespacio     012-Masquespacio

Client: La Manera
Design: Masquespacio
Photography: Luis Beltran

Paint: Montó
Lighting: Designed by Masquespacio, local pro-duction
Tables, shelves, cabinets and pots: Designed by Masquespacio, local production
Concrete: Tubosca
Chairs: Recovering actual chairs adding a touch of paint + new models Singular Market
Construction: Valseco

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