REVIVING 2118 by WAY Studio

Some bold speculations about the way of living in the next century

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即将来临的未来 | The Imminent Future 

2020, Space X早已研发出可重复使用的太空舱,享受太空旅行的乐趣不再是科学家和富翁的专利。
2040, 地球的状况日趋恶化,资源以几何级的指数下跌。由于人类过度消耗地球资源而对其造成了极难恢复的伤痕,所以我们需要给于它足够的时间和空间让这个星球复原;而太空地球轨道居所能在这段恢复的时间里发挥极大的作用。
2060, 联合国提出发展地球再生计划,从而将地球的人口全部迁徙到太空地球轨道居所。
2118, 现在。人类已成功把宜居的生活环境迁移到太空。

2020, reusable space pods were developed by Space X; space travel no longer became a means of travel reserved for scientists or the rich.
2040, as the earth’s conditions worsen rapidly; its resources diminishing at an exponential rate, in order to give it space and time to recover, these space pods became a necessity for relieving the stress of consumption on earth.
2060,The United Nation worked in order to develop “Plan re-Vive” in order to move the living population into space and thus allowing earth to recover.
2118, now. Mankind has shifted their living circumstance to space.

▼通过再生舱,人类得以把宜居的生活环境迁移到太空,mankind has shifted their living circumstance to space through the revive pod


再生舱:能源生成和效率 | Revive Pod: Energy Production & Efficiency

再生舱的球体形态不仅令它在低耗能方面有利,同时可任意方向自转。期间会产生离心力重塑地心引力, 同时内部的自给农场为再生舱供应日常生活和运输所需要的能量。

Version O of the reVive pod consists of four adaptable and expandable living quarters: rest, play, eat, and work.
Its spherical form not only efficient in terms of low energy exertion, it also allows for self-rotation in all directions, producing centrifugal force, recreating gravity in the occupied quarters and at the same time produces the necessary energy for daily consumption and pod transport.

▼再生舱轴测分解图,包含了休憩、娱乐、餐饮和工作等四个灵活且可扩展的生活空间,exploded axon of the revive pod including four adaptable and expandable living quarters: rest, play, eat, and work


再生舱:自给自足和可持续性 | Revive Pod: Self Sufficient And Sustainable


All materials, from utensils to containers, to packaging to clothing are all recycled into the particle disintegrator, which then re-introduces the broken down particles into the particle printer, which then produces new tools or objects per need. Bio-waste is treated immediately by o2 deprivation and is reused directly into the unit’s mini-food garden, the mini-food garden is always automated to orient towards the sun for accelerated growth.

▼从再生舱的农场里向外看,生物废弃物经过处理被应用在太空舱的农场里,viewing from the unit’s mini-food garden to the outside, after being treated, bio-waste is reused directly into the unit’s mini-food garden


再生舱:进与出 | Revive Pod: In and Out


The interchange station forms a natural ring around the Earth. The formation also allows for the reVive pod network to act as a mid-way point between space resource exploration and collection and also a close monitor of Earth’s recovery.

▼转乘站围绕于地球轨道形成一个自然的环状,the interchange station forms a natural ring around the Earth


In 2118, over 60% of the world’s population has already been evacuated, re-Vive pods incorporated the newest warp space travel technology, allowing us to travel between space and Earth in an instant: breakfast in space, lunch meeting hovering over the desert, afternoon coffee in the Artic, no longer a dream. Your life lived limited only by your imagination.

▼生活在再生舱中,在太空中享用早餐,living in the revive pod, having breakfast in space


Though Earth has not fully recovered, our evacuation has allowed it space and time to breath and to begin its recovery process, our relationship with Earth has changed drastically.

▼人类乘坐再生舱撤离地球,给予地球充足的空间和时间去调整和恢复生态系统,humans leave the earth by the revive pod, leaving the earth space and time to breath and recover


As Earth starts to recover, mobile units are allowed to revisit certain areas, acting as a transport pod for re-introducing key resources for repairing the natural cycles on Earth, creating a renewed and minimally invasive relationship with our Earth.

▼可流动单元太空舱O能作为运输舱运送关键资源自由进出相关地球区域,帮助恢复自然资源,mobile units are allowed to revisit certain areas, acting as a transport pod to help recover the natural resource


Certain areas and problems are too strenuous to recover by natural processes; extreme missions are delegated to a special team to take care of certain pollutants, and also to keep an eye on the conditions of other living forms.

▼太空舱可以作为交通工具,帮助人们人工干预自然恢复,the revive pod can act as the transportation to help people recover the ecotope by manual intervention


Though we have left the Earth behind, awaiting its recovery, we have not forgotten our heritage, our culture, or our history. Many historical sites and cultural locations are preserved and increasingly more accessible in our new way of living. Our relationship with Earth has changed drastically, minimally invasive, Earth has become more of a museum, a park, a destination.

▼太空舱的出现重塑了人类与地球的关系,地球此时的角色更像是一个博物馆、公园和目的地,the emergence of the revive pod re-shaped the relationship between humans and the earth which has become more of a museum, a park, a destination

建筑师|Architects:WAY Studio
设计团队|Design Team:郑涛|Zheng Tao,黎紫翎|Fernie Lai,洪勤哲|Alan Hung,王亦鸣|Mark Wang ,李旭东|Li Xudong

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