Renovation of traditional attic by con form

an obvious choice for the tight urban property

Project Specs


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来自con form的一位员工最近已经开始在家远程办公,在寸土寸金的现代都市中,一个舒适的工作和学习空间是非常必要但又难以满足的。在这时,阁楼或许会是一个不错的选择。

One of our clients had recently started working from home, an appropriate study / office space was required and as no alternative locations in this tight urban property were viable, the existing attic was an obvious choice.

▼改造后的阁楼外观,exterior view of the proposed attic


For this locally listed terraced property, an existing hipped roof complicated the possibility of altering or extending into the roof scape. Development was however possible by portraying to the council through intensive iterations, the relevance of a latent historical typology found elsewhere in the conservation area – the ‘single dormer window’.

▼模型演示,model demonstration


Typical precedents for these are windows that are centred on the fenestration patterns below, with the walls and roof clad in lead; the quintessential material for tricky moments in older buildings such as gutters, valleys and flashings.Time and technology have moved on however, we can do better than this – more is possible.

▼改造后的阁楼内部景观,interior view of the proposed attic



The concept for the scheme therefore centred around maximising the potential for this tight space within this contentious context. A large opening to the rear was created to maximise light into the space, allowing for greater head height and facilitating an intriguing, tactile relationship to develop with the existing prominent brick chimney and parapet; typically confined to the otherwise distant world of roofscapes. A contemporary anthracite steel element is then placed within this opening, spanning across the void.

▼改造后的窗户,the proposed window

▼屋顶开口为房间带来更充足的光线,openings in the roof bring more light to the room


Internally the transition into the realm of the roofscape is marked with a strong horizontal oak datum; a nod to the fascias that externally distinguish this zone – allowing all electrical services to be contained right around the perimeter of the space.

▼橡木元素在水平方向上划分了室内和屋顶景观,oak elements divide the interior and roof landscape horizontally


Achieving adequate head height was a major challenge, as access to this level from the existing stairwell was directly below the existing hipped roof. Solutions included a thin folded steel stair, maintaining the clearance to the stair flight below and a new stepped floor to the study / ceiling to the bathroom below (incorporated into the desk).

▼轻薄的折叠钢制楼梯,a thin folded steel stair

▼楼梯结合了储物空间,stairs combine storage spaces

▼楼梯扶手细部,details of stair handrail

▼楼梯连接了下方浴室,stairs connect the bathroom downstairs


This project proves that even in contentious locations, or tiny resultant spaces – more is possible.

▼阁楼落地窗,details of the proposed french sash

▼原始平面图,original plan

▼改造后的平面图,proposed plan





Project Title: dormore
Architect / Designer: con | form architects
Photography: Ståle Eriksen
Spokesperson Contact: Eoin O’Leary – Partner
Site: Ripplevale Grove, London, N1 1HS
Design to Completion
Commissioned: October 2017
Start on site: August 2018
Completion: December 2018
Project Credits
Architect: con | form architects
Structural Engineer: Foster Structures
Party Wall Surveyor: Alexander Elliott Ltd
Flooring: Direct Wood Flooring

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