Renovation of the Duplex Penthouse Apartment by Toledano +Architects

To make a cozy modern house

Project Specs


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This  Duplex Penthouse apartment and its surrounding Roof terrace were completely renovated. The main challenge was to combine privacy between quiet parents and children areas and big spacious and modular  living spaces that would encourage get togethers and would play with the powerful middle eastern light.

001-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects


The whole house is very modular with sliding doors, a hidden bar in the book case, a folding, extending metal table, a Front entrance door opening in two different ways and so on, providing every space with several functions according to the time of the day or the occasion. The use of wood, concrete and black metal was chosen in order to create a contemporary yet warm space. The hanging metal stairs articulate all the space creating graphic linear shadows thanks to the strong and changing natural light and to the crossed metal strings. They are composed like a painting in the center of the space and allow views between all the open areas.

▽ 门厅和起居室,the entrance hall and the living room

004-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

002-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

003-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

▽ 起居室一角&楼梯细部,a corner of  the living room & detail of the staircase

007-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects     008-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

▽ 可以用两种方式打开的门,the entrance door  can be opened in two different ways

005-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects     006-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

▽ 厨房和餐厅,kitchen and dining area

014-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

017-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

015-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects


The clients, a family with chidren, wanted a chic and playful place at the same time.As a result, the kids room was designed like a playground, integrating a desk, a blackboard, book shelves, beds, a wood cabin with laser cut maps on the wall, a dance bar, closets and so on in order to encourage creativity.They have their own wood and color house inside the family house.

▽ 儿童房间,children’s room

013-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects     012-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects


On the other hand, the parents have their master suite, with a completely different architectural language, separated from the rest of the duplex and that includes  a minimal and immaculate white walk-in closet, a fully beton covered bathroom and a master bedroom.

▽ 主卧室的进入式壁橱和浴室,the walk-in closet and bathroom

009-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects     011-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

在Tel aviv,一年中有9-10个月可以进行舒适地室外活动。设计师的理念是将空间的边界抹去,让室内和室外更加接近。因此,室外设计是室内风格的延续,露台上搭建有木制的棚架,还种植了很多植物。棚架将Tel aviv的天际线框成一幅宽幅的画面,玻璃栏杆让这幅画面更加完整,不会被打断。起伏转折的柚木板,打造出长凳、花池、室外厨房、秋千和吧台,仿佛可以无限地延展下去。

The exterior was designed as the extension of the interior with a big wood pergola all over it and lots of plants, since in Tel aviv, the weather allows to use it more than 9-10 months a year.T he wide wood pergola creates a frame to the skyline of Tel Aviv and the glass handrails integrate the view as part of the apartment .The idea is to erase boundaries. The inside becomes closer to the outside and the outside penetrates the inside space. Teak wood was used to create lines that never end, changing direction and going up and down to become benches, plant containers, an outdoor kitchen, a swing or a bar.

▽ 阳台,terrace

019-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

023-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

▽ 室外厨房,the outdoor kitchen

025-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

▽ 细节,details

026-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects     020-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

021-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects     022-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

027-Duplex Penthouse apartment by Toledano +Architects

▽ 平面图,plans

/Users/gavriel/Dropbox/projects/04_EZ/cad/2d/ez-pr site 120116.d

/Users/gavriel/Dropbox/projects/04_EZ/cad/2d/ez-pr site 120116.d

▽ 楼梯大样,drawing of staircase

/Users/gavriel/Dropbox/projects/04_EZ/cad/2d/ez-liste details4.d

Architect : Toledano +Architects
Location : Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel
Year :2015
Status : Built
Budget : 400 000 euros
Area : 160 sqm inside + 80 sqm outside
Photography : Oded Smadar

Drawings: Toledano +Architects
English Text: Toledano +Architects
Chinese Text: gooood

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