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The property is located on the ground floor of a building built in the early 1920s, under the eclectic imprint of the master builders of the time. The building has five floors and four doors per landing.The intervention is divided into two houses. The first one is a conventional flat, in the body of the building itself, with a single façade facing the block’s patio. And the second one is the doorman’s house, which was consolidated during the same period of construction and is located at the rear limit of the plot. It constitutes an independent volume, and its roof serves as a terrace for itself, as well as for the two flats on the first floor with a façade facing the block’s patio. The elevation difference between the two houses is 63 cm.

▼项目概览,preview © José Hevia

1. 通过加垫通风的蜂窝隔板,使门房及庭院的地面与路面高度一致,除去当前的湿气并防止日后毛细现象造成的潮湿;
2. 开放公寓边缘的小庭院,这里原本只有通向屋顶的楼梯。现将其改造成1×7米的绿植庭院,置入半通透的楼梯,提升了室内的采光和通风;
3. 改造所有面向庭院的门窗,将它们扩大,增进室内外的联系。

▼剖轴测图,section axonometric drawing © AMOO

Both houses present some serious pathologies, especially the doorman’s house, which is located at a lower level and, therefore, in direct contact with the ground and its humidity. Ventilation, on the other hand, is poor. The largest operations will be carried out in this volume, and they are structurally summarised in 3 interventions:
1. Elevation of the pavement level with a ventilated honeycomb partition to equal it to the level of the house under the building and the patios, cleaning up current dampness and avoiding future humidity by capillarity.
2. Opening of the small patio on the border of the parcel, originally only destined to the access of the roof through the stairs. It is transformed into a 1x7m patio-planter, with a semi-transparent staircase leading to terrace which provides zenith lighting and cross ventilation to the space.
3. Modification of all the existing openings that faced the block’s patio, expanding them and achieving a greater relationship.

▼入口走廊,entrance corridor © José Hevia

▼望向庭院,view to patio © José Hevia

▼庭院增进室内外的联系,patio enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces © José Hevia

▼起居空间,living space © José Hevia

▼客厅,连接两侧庭院,living room,connecting patios on both sides © José Hevia

▼从客厅望向厨房,view from living room to kitchen © José Hevia

▼阶梯平衡起居空间与小庭院的高差 © José Hevia
steps balancing elevation difference between living space and small patio

▼从阶梯望向餐厅,view to dining room on steps © José Hevia

▼半通透的楼梯置入小庭院,semi-transparent staircase is placed in small patio © José Hevia


With these operations – and with the inclusion of radiant heating in the pavements –, the main problems of a house located on the ground floor of a building are tackled: ventilation, humidity and lighting, in addition to achieving intermediate spaces which can be used during summer.

▼洗手间,restroom © José Hevia


The distribution is solved by means of a long diagonal wall, sliding doors and furniture elements that define spaces at different heights, in a fluid, generous way and, at some point, with the ease of summer houses.

▼平面,floor plan © AMOO

Authors: AMOO | Aureli Mora + Omar Ornaque
Location: El Farró, Barcelona
Project beginning/end: 2019
Construction beginning/end: 2019-2020
Photographer: José Hevia
Area: 106,00 m²
Budget: 140.000,00 €

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