ACNE Store in Stockholm by ARQUITECTURA-G

Space plays with real and faux marbles

Project Specs


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This former bank suffered a robbery in which hostages were taken, leading to the term Stockholm syndrome. After the bank closed, several interventions added a series of layers over the years, masking the original neoclassic architecture.

external view of the store ©José Hevia


The project cleans up the space, leaving only the essential features. Although the floors were made of real marble, many elements were faux marble, and the project plays with this duality. All the skin surfaces are monochrome within the shades of the original Ekeberg marble.

overall view of the space ©José Hevia

surfaces made of marble ©José Hevia


There are three rooms connected to each other through columns, and, at the end of the main axis, a new abstract colonnade creates a new background. This fake colonnade is made of real marble and provides access to the fitting rooms.

rooms connected by columns with abstract colonnade as background ©José Hevia

fitting rooms behind the fake colonnade ©José Hevia

由Max Lamb制作的大理石家具在旧地面上创造了一层新的大理石地坪,形成展台。由Benoit Lalloz设计的灯具锐利而富有科技感,与大理石材料相平衡。

Pieces of marble furniture by Max Lamb work as podiums while creating a new marble floor on top of the old one. As a counterpoint, the light, designed by Benoit Lalloz, is technical and sharp.

furniture made of marble ©José Hevia

technical light balancing the marble space ©José Hevia


Photography: José Hevia

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